Monday, September 12, 2011

Roll Over

That's what we did this past week! We rolled over from last year's school to this year on September 8th! We don't take the whole summer off from school. We take the opportunity to learn all year long, taking breaks when WE need or want them instead of when the rest of the general public takes their breaks (which makes for great opportunities to vacation without the masses!!).

The treekids were excited to start fresh, to start some new things. So, we headed outside right away after they got up and dressed (while Bump was still sleeping) and took some "1st day of school" pictures! HA!!!
Those are my "little stair steps!" And it looks like Blossom has really sprouted some legs this past summer! I think that skirt (thank goodness for the shorts that are sewn in underneath!) is going to make it into the give-away pile very soon!!

9 yrs old ~Bud~ 4th (or 5th) Grade

8 yrs old ~Branch~ 3rd Grade

6 yrs old ~Blossom~ 1st Grade

After the photos we took the last of the muffins out of the toaster oven and woke up Bump to enjoy a beautiful breakfast of Blue Blueberry Muffins!

Then, before our studies began, I gave each of the treekids a "Schultüte" - a German School Cone - filled with special treats to celebrate the beginning of this school year! I am so glad that this is the first attempt at this and that they have nothing to compare it to, as I didn't have the supplies in the RV that I would like to have used, so I made them in a fairly sloppy way! But, they were so excited to have a fun exciting treat that they didn't seem to care about my sloppiness!
And away we go!!

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  1. WOW! The tree-kids are sure growing up fast! Loved seeing the first day of school photos, especially that last one of all four of them with their goody bags! Also, it was fun to see some shots showing what the interior of your current home looks like; looks like it is really nice! Wishing you all (including your teacher/mom) a successful, productive, but filled-with-fun school experience!
    Aunt S.


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