Saturday, September 10, 2011


Last weekend, on Sept 3rd, we had the fun opportunity of taking all the kids to the Husker football game. Of course, we were not able to all sit together... but Branch, Blossom, Bump and I had four tickets together right behind the team on the 25 yard line, two rows from the field! Yes, we were excited!! To top it off, we were right next to the band!! Yes, there IS a reason that the band members had little ear plugs in! HOLY SMOKES they are LOUD!

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After all the fun at the game, we stopped in at Grandmother's Restaurant for supper... some people didn't make quite to that hour, like others did who enjoyed a coloring page or two!

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Of the 85,000 people at the stadium, there was not a single soul that I saw that I knew for the whole game while I sat there with my three youngest children. After several people left their seats empty around us, I texted Pops that he and Bud should join us in our "posh" seats. So, after they arrived in our section and there was 5 or 10 minutes or so of the game I saw a familiar red head of hair bobbing along in front of us. I NEVER am the one who sees someone that we know, and I spotted her in a wave of people walking along trying to beat the exit rush! Yes, it was Pops' Aunt AnnMarie - the spokesperson of Nebraska Beef - and her two little girls! Fun to sit and visit with her for a bit - well, when the band was quiet off and on!


We had a GREAT time and if you'd like to see some of the fun... here are the little videos from the game! Have fun - it looks like they did!

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