Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to bathe a toddler

...when you live in an RV and said toddler's "fun" in the kitchen sink makes the ma and pa a wee bit nervous with the amount of potential water splashing AND when the RV ma and pa chose does not include a bathtub with the shower.
Plop toddler in a cleaned out plastic tote that you were storing baseball helmets, balls, mitts and a bat. Make sure to add plenty of warm water and bubbles for toddler to soak the dirt off in. (Oh, it also helps to have a really nice day - not too hot or cool!)
You will need a cup to rinse the bubbles out of his hair or off his chest.
Toddler will prefer one with pictures of "Buzz an Woo" and their friends.
The toddler will be happy that you give him the cup...
after you finish pouring all that water over his head.
The cup will become the play toy...
As will a couple of small balls his siblings will bring to play with.
OH, MY! Those are fishing bobbers the treekids brought to the toddler! Hmmm. Seems that they worked just as well as any other... Eventually, you will need to convince the toddler that he is wrinkly like a raisin and needs to be removed from his little pool of fun. It might be challenging. I am confident that the squeals of disapproval will quiet down as he is dried off, diapered up and slid into some soft t-shirt and shorts. Just a hunch anyway... it might help if you have a small football for him to hold as you get all that business completed!!

Good Luck with YOUR next RV Toddler Washing!!
(or when your tot is too dirty to even think of bringing in a house!)

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