Friday, October 7, 2011

7 Quick Takes - 2

--- 1 ---

Aaaack! Where did a WHOLE week go?? I sat one evening earlier this week and edited more photos from our visit to the OSU Botanical Garden. It appears that I even uploaded them. Somehow I never made the effort to get all of them configured into one post and share them. Sheesh... It must've been an interesting week, eh!??!

--- 2 ---

I have learned that I LOVE it when Pops is available for a couple hours to "man the booth" with Bump during nap time. When this treat occurs, I take all three of the big kids to the Library. We have had times that it seems we work THE ENTIRE time on learning how to find things in the library. Other times, we all find books to read and curl up in a chair or a small sofa and read and read. Sometimes there is quiet computer usage. This week, Pops and Bump joined us on our trip to the library. Bump fell asleep in his carseat on the way into town. Pops sat in the truck with Bump and a laptop and used the library's free wifi to access the internet. He didn't get the bills paid online like he had hoped, since the bank server was down, but he did read all about the Huskers for an hour or more! I spent time in the adult department, Bud found a big stack to read, Branch found a big stack to read, Blossom did some computer work and then used her favorite resource to find her favorite things! She asked a librarian to help her find Amelia Bedelia Books and Princess or Mermaid Books!! I love that we all feel comfortable in our skin at the library.

--- 3 ---

Did you know that THE VERY FIRST Sonic Drive-In Restaurant is in Stillwater, OK? It is located on Main Street. We stopped today at "Happy Hour" for half priced drinks and I must say that I think that is THE VERY BUSIEST Sonic Drive-In that I have EVER visited. Just sayin'.

--- 4 ---

I dislike in the most loathing kind of way... the Musca domestica. I am not sure that I have the patience to weather the current storm. I requested that Pops purchase my most disliked of all common pest elimination tools. We have a heavy duty fly swatter, now. Gross. I also have fly trap/sticky spiral tape hanging near our door. There is a HUGE amount of these horrific creatures swarming about outside here in Stillwater, OK. Are flies a huge problem where you are, too? If you live in a rural area with cattle, hogs, etc... I already know the answer to that!!

--- 5 ---

There is a home football game for the OSU Cowboys this weekend. I've been told that the RV parks fill up FULL for these weekend. I am wondering if it will also be rowdy!?! It might be fun... but I DO like to have sleep that isn't disturbed by, uhm, well... ruffians.

--- 6 ---

We went to a home school park day today. When we arrived, there was no one there. I thought that either the large park grounds had two playgrounds (I was unwilling to go hunt for a 2nd) or the group had mostly fizzled out. After we were there for 20-30 minutes, people started showing up. There were six other mothers and 15 or so children. It was fun to visit with a very ecclectic and non-judgemental group of women who all can get right on past the "WHAT?!! You keep your children with you ALL day, EVERY day?" :) It was nice not having to explain myself for having my kids out of school! Apparently most weeks there are closer to 15 moms with many more children running around. I HOPE SO!!!

--- 7 ---

Since it seems that I can't get a post up EVERY day on this here blog, what is a good schedule to try. Only Fridays seems a bit sparse. 5 or 6 days a week is nearly impossible most weeks. MWF seems like a college schedule - doable, but a bit goofy! Sporadic schedule means I might not ever post again. Somehow there must be a way to strike a balance of blogging being a fun thing and not such a chore. Any thoughts from my "peeps"??

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  1. Hi Erica!

    Thanks for popping in over at my blog - the wedding was great! But I am sure glad it is over. I now feel like I can re-join the real world and begin to think about something other than wedding plans. Whew.

    I like your 7 Quick Takes. It sounds like you all are having fun. As for #7 - I was going to say just post whenever you can - that's what it has become for me, and I don't even think I feel guilty anymore. Those that like/care about you and your blog will be the ones that wait during the big gaps!

    Take care,
    Angela in Oregon


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