Friday, October 14, 2011

7 Quick Takes - 3

--- 1 ---

Last weekend, we had a VERY slow do nothing kind of weekend. It was AWESOME. It was relaxing. We cleaned and tidied some, but we all read books, took naps, played outside, sat and let the sun soak into our skin, ahhhhhh........... We HAD to rest up for the coming week!

--- 2 ---

Blossom has a weird rash all over her chest, belly, back and it looked to be spreading to her arms and legs. I took her to the urgent care clinic on Monday and discovered that her VERY sensitive skin is still VERY sensitive. She has "contact dermatitis." She came into contact with something that is irritating her skin. I haven't done really anything new (well, I DID used the HE Clorox bleach with the white clothes instead of the ol' cheapo non-HE bleach... but other than that, all's the same.) to instigate this. It began when we arrived in Oklahoma, but she didn't really roll in the grass or anything. The rash is itchy and scratches in the night. She doesn't scratch it much during the day because scratching it does hurt. When she was very little, she got a similar thing on her arms and legs and would scratch until it bled... very attractive with her Snow White dress-up dress! So, we are working on getting rid of it. The doctor prescribed a steroid cream to mix with a non-scented Aveeno lotion. ALL lotions sting. But, I plan to pick up some Eucerin cream this afternoon to give that a try. Anyway, this putting on the lotion/cream two times each day has been a lesson in patience for me as well as a lesson in bribing with Twizzlers for her. I am hoping and praying that this rash covering her little body goes away soooooon!

--- 3 ---

My folks, Geemah and Grampa arrived for a visit on Monday afternoon! They took a room at a nearby hotel and the kids stayed there sleeping some nights. Geemah came and tried out the trailer one night. They used the pool and hot tub. Seems the hotel was fun... I didn't join them over there much... I don't like hotels much I like my own bed best! But during the day, and when Bump wasn't napping, we ran around and saw some of Oklahoma.

--- 4 ---

Tuesday, we visited the library for several hours! FUN FUN FUN!!! Why oh why is that so fun!?! The kids all enjoyed the library. After a while, Grampa took Bump outside to run around a bit and then they came back inside and Bump got back to exploring the area designed for small children. Bud and Branch had their noses stuffed into books and Blossom was wandering and finding all sorts of picture books to pour over. Geemah and I chatted quietly and hunted for a few books to look at. After the library, we took our picnic lunch to the OSU Botanical Garden... Geemah loved it. I knew she would!! Looking and poking around the gardens was a treat. Lunch shared with perfect weather in the "Fairy Forest." Then The big kids went to the hotel to swim with Geemah and Grampa while I took Bump home for a nap. Then it was supper out and a driving tour of Stillwater.

--- 5 ---

We spent Wednesday in Oklahoma City. We went to "Stockyards City" for lunch and a bit of Western shopping. Then we visited the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. We hit "POPS" in Arcadia, OK for a tasty bottle of soda pop. We headed back to Stillwater, browsed the Hobby Lobby, picked up some Pizza Pizza at Little Caesars and noshed on that at the hotel. Geemah and the girls joined Bump and I at the trailer to sleep... but first we made some hair clips with our new supplies from Hobby Lobby! It was fun to talk and talk and talk with my mom. We haven't been on the phone much lately - I just need her to be my NEIGHBOR!

--- 6 ---

Thursday Geemah and I planned to "Cricut" all day. The girls wanted to play, too... so, they picked a few little things to make cards with. When we finally finished their project, it was lunch time and our project hadn't even been started! We got it mostly figured out while the big kids went with Grampa to the hotel to swim. While we were cutting and figuring, Bump was playing around. He has a NEW trick that he love love loves! He likes to jump. But, he really prefers to step up onto something to jump off. So, up one stair and jump to the floor. Over and over. The last jump, something must have sizzled up his foot because he was crying and wailing. Two Tylenol later and off to nap. When he woke it was still painful and sore and he couldn't seem to put weight on it. So, we were heading out for supper and I decided I would take him to the urgent care clinic right after supper. (My burger was great, by the way!) They took three x-rays, which he was great for. The doctors and nurses and physicians assistants were all great. He was smiling and laughing and easily let them feel his foot. BUT, when we stood him up to walk, he would stop and ask for his "Buzz and Woo Shoes." He worked out a little limp to get the ball that they would toss for him to go get. He would hobble and walk on his heel with his toes lifted. He told them that his toes hurt. But, there was no break. He has a sprain or a bruise. Poor little guy. So, he will be back at his antics in a few days and will be fine - guess it is better to get it all checked out. Then we went back to the hotel and said our goodbyes because Geemah and Grampa would be leaving early in the morning!

--- 7 ---

Today is a little rough with grandparent withdrawl. Our Geemah and Grampa have gone home, Our Pops is in Reno for a conference. I am no match to them!! The treekids are missing their fun people!!! And to top it off, I am MEAN and had them all do a math lesson since they couldn't really figure anything to do in their loss of fun. I did promise that we will go pick up a dvd from the redbox when all the math lessons are complete. I think that is why they are saying, "MOM!! We are ready. Let's GO!!!!!!!!" So, we are hoping (apparently) to find Spooky Buddies and maybe Bump will nap through that. If all goes according to plan, I might get some of those ol' pictures loaded and posted... cross your fingers!!!

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  1. I used to get a really severe rash/dry skin every winter in Montana and yes, lotions hurt. Aveeno makes a lotion with menthol and it was the only one that really worked. You might want to look for it for Blossom. It's the one with the blue stripe.

  2. Yes, it WAS a fun week being with you all. :) Loved all the things we did. I, too, would love to have you for my neighbor. OK is a pretty place. Sorry I didn't get my "playdate" with PW. Love, G.

  3. WOW! You all sure had an activity filled week! Sounds like lots of fun though. Hope Blossom's rash & Bump's foot get all better soon.
    Aunt S.


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