Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Before we left Oklahoma, I found some pictures that I snapped along our journey from Oklahoma to Kansas back in August. I thought it was fun, and I intended to share that with you once we got settled...

BUT - last night on our journey from Kansas into Nebraska we got the opportunity to see something quite amazing - and we would have all missed it if it weren't for our night sky loving Bud.

We were almost to the Nebraska border when Bud said, "Hey, mom! What are those lights over there? LOOK!" So, I looked and saw the light glow of a distant town. I tried to get him to buy in to my comment. It was a NO GO. "NO!!!" he complained. "LOOK! Up there!! I think it is the Aurora Borealis!!!! You know, the Northern Lights!"

You would not believe the excitement oozing form this kid! So, I got on the walkie talkie up to Pops and said, "Bud thinks he sees some lights." Pops responded "Yea, there's a car up ahead and he can probably see the headlights."

Oh, the groans from the back seat!! "Tell dad it is the Northern Lights!!" Okey dokey... "Pops, he says it is the Northern Lights." Pops responded, "Where?" Bud did some figuring and said, "Uh, at 2 o'clock!!!"

We all saw it... and Pops hit the breaks and pulled the truck and trailer to the side of the road and turned off his lights. We were in DARK DARK DARKland Kansas and up in the sky, all the treekids stood on the side of the road with Pops and watched our own free light show! (I stayed in the car and hit the hazards whenever a car/semi was approaching!) We have never seen anything like that at all! Pops had seem some green northern lights a long time ago... but this RED changing swirls in the sky as we were just about to hit the Nebraska border?? TOO COOL!!!

I only had a little point and shoot camera on me, so this photo probably would have been better if I had my nice dSLR - but, it is what it is and for us... a GREAT memory!!



  1. Wow! Good eye, Bud, good eye! Love, G.

  2. AWESOME! Hope I get to see them someday.
    Love, Aunt S.


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