Friday, October 21, 2011

7 Quick Takes - 4

--- 1 ---

On Sunday afternoon we will be leaving Stillwater, OK. We will be making a quick stop in eastern Kansas. At the end of August, we were at a Jellystone Park outside of Kansas City. The treekids all had so much fun playing and doing activities and hanging out with Yogi Bear. If some other possibilities don't pan out, we'll be considering visiting Yogi again, if they have room!!
Let's just say that Bump was a little LOT afraid of this character just like he is around any of these ginormous cartoon characters!! Who dreamt up putting people in big costumes for children? All of my kids have been terrified by them. Sheesh... and all in the name of FUN!!!

--- 2 ---

The tree kids saw this bug, a katydid, on the wheel of our trailer! They were so excited and wanted a picture to share this "leaf bug" with the world.

--- 3 ---

We are potty training. Did you notice in yesterday's photos of Bump? He really likes his "Buzz & Woo Underoos"! He is rockin' the potty end of things. Other numbers are better left... uh, not so much in the potty chair, still. He gets so excited about making a deposit and we get all excited and clap and give high fives. But, when he NEEDS to go he doesn't want to sit there for his other number. I have tried bribes - chocolate, and the irony is not lost on me, but it isn't working. Any ideas? I think that once he does it a couple times, he will see how easy that is... or that is my hope!! Oh, well... we're getting there - someday!

--- 4 ---

This past summer when we were in St. Louis, I thought it would be fun to try to hunt down the house that my family lived in when I was about Bud's age. So, after some googlemaps and mapquest help, I found my way to a neighborhood that looked SO different than I remembered it. When we lived there it was a new neighborhood with a dinky trees in front yards. AMAZING what about 25 years will do for a tree!!
So, "Hi, old house! You were a fun place to live where we had to hit our TV with a wooden spoon to turn it on; the wooden spoon rested on top of the TV as if it were a bowl of potpourri! You were a fun place to learn about a vacuum seal forming between pan and pan lid and the pork chops left between. Ah, and a place to see first hand what happens to a mother when she doesn't get her normal routine of caffeinated coffee (yikes, do not deprive a caffeine addicted mother... ever!).

--- 5 ---

The other thing learned at that old house: the meaning of "NO SOLICITORS." I was selling fruitcake for a school fundraiser. I was trolling the neighborhood for fruitcake purchasers. My very shy self knocked on EVERY door up and down our street and the street behind us. While I was waiting for someone to answer my knock, I saw the sign and sounded it out carefully so that I could ask my mom about the word when I got home. The lady of the house smiled at me and told me that she did not need a fruitcake this year. She was very kind, thankfully! I had to go find that house! It, too, grew itself a great big tree! (And the "No Solicitors" sign is still on the storm door!)

--- 6 ---

When we were in San Antonio earlier this month, we visited The Basilica of the National Shrine of The Little Flower. It was October 1st and they were having quite a celebration! We met two lovely ladies who took our picture and walked with us to the church hall while we waited for our taxi to pick us up. Right as we were about to leave a Mariachi band entered the hall and the kids were super excited and then, crushed to have to leave. Although, riding in a taxi was a BIG treat that they thought was so cool!

I couldn't get over how elaborate their alter was! All the details... beautiful.

--- 7 ---

When in San Anotnio, we Remembered the Alamo and went for a visit. We also visited the IMAX and watched a movie about The Battle at the Alamo. WOW! I recommend seeing that! That was very informative and the treekids liked the HUGE screen - up close and in the middle! Bump even watched the whole time (with a bag of popcorn to keep his hands a little busy) and loved seeing the horses on the screen.

That's all for me... for more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!


  1. What a beautiful family you have, Elm! I have enjoyed reading your posts and looking at your photos. Your pictures make mine look rather ordinary!

    God bless!

  2. Your rememberer remembers things mine doesn't!! :) Love, G.

  3. You & your family certainly do interesting things. :o) As usual, just love all your photos! The one of the whole family taken in the Basilica is especially good! I was just wondering where you are going to spend the winter? Are you going to continue moving around once it gets icy & snowy or are you going to try to pick someplace with a milder winter & stay put for a while?
    Aunt S.


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