Friday, October 14, 2011

The Garden in The Desert

The Oklahoma State University Botanical Garden is divided into many different gardens to wander through and explore. There is a Sensory Garden, a Fairy Forest, a zen/Asian Garden, a chicken coup moat (weird sounding... but that is what one of the volunteers called it... will have to go back to get more photos to explain!!), some other ones and this one... a desert.

As soon as we saw the wonderful plant life in this desert garden, I knew that I had to slow down and stretch myself and find the beauty in the succulents. My friend, Michelle, who I met in a playgroup when our now 10 year olds were barely 2, has a succulent grower/collector in her home. In fact, it is that little boy that I keep in my mind as a toddler (until that rouse was befuddled this past spring when we got together again and I saw his all grown up 10 year old boy self. But, I digress.) who is the master of succulents in their home - lots and lots of varieties. Not just one or two plants, mind you. They are lovingly cared for and arranged throughout the house.

So, when I see various cacti now, I have to stop and observe. I feel like I have to get a little closer and see it better, nearer the end of my nose. So, I did!! Here is what I saw in the garden in the desert. I hope that Michelle's li'l big guy likes what I found!!

Funny how this one has thorns that sort of look soft... but it IS deceiving!! (Trust me.)

This one has these spikey bits, but they are not so very sharp.

This looked like a GINORMOUS variety of the cactus leaves that you can purchase in the produce department at the grocery market.
It was fun to look just a little bit longer at something I might have otherwise glazed over. Tipping my hat to the succulent grower in Lincoln, NE!!

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  1. Elm, I find cacti & succulents very interesting plants, too! In fact, I have quite a few in the garden window above my kitchen sink. It makes washing dishes a little less tedious when you have plants to gaze at. :o)
    Aunt S.


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