Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I sort of crack up when I load the pictures on a camera into iPhoto on my computer. Every once in a while I find a SURPRISE!!! Well, it was just my luck... it was surprise time!
Someone had been playing with money. This person may or may not have take the photos. There is only one of the treekids who would actually HAVE in her possession this many coins - and know where to find them! So, we'll take this as clue number one. Branch is the only one who would have this many coins, well, and be able to find them!
BUT, the photographer actually took many pictures of these stacks of coins. This behavior is not necessarily indicative of Branch's personality.
AH!!! Another CLUE! "The Lighthouse Mermaid" and Disney Princesses... only one person I can think of who would photograph those pretty ditties!

And I am RIGHT! Blossom... taking pictures and including herself - just to leave her true mark. There were MANY photographs... all worth a good chuckle. I can tell that she was also very close to the mirror, as well... she has to get right in there and touch it all up - even better if she recently used some lotion!! Wooo Hooo! So glad that she wanted to clean that off when I handed ehr the bottle of cleaner and a rag!! Always a treat to see what is on the camera...

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  1. I'm impressed by the coin-stacking ability of our kiddos.
    Invest wisely,


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