Monday, November 29, 2010


Yes, it has been VERY quiet over here at the treehouse. Why, you might wonder. We were very Thankful on Thursday to be together, eating turkey and assorted side dishes (even though the heating element had gone out the afternoon before!! Yes, I freaked out a bit.), for Pops going to get the newspaper so that I could consider Black Friday "deals," for leftover deliciousness that lasts for days and sooo many other things to be thankful for ...

Friday morning proved to be eventful for some in darting about from store to store. I am excluded from that statement. I woke up with a cough, some kind of serious head cold AND no (absolutely, positively NO) voice. I took some advil, drank some hot tea and hoped and prayed that I would feel better, soon. And, that, my dear treehouse friends is why it has been so quiet here at the treehouse. I figured that since I had no voice you wouldn't hear me - so, I just kept drinking tea. I have been enjoying chamomile, peppermint, and licorice tea (all at separate times - that would be gross altogether!), hot apple cider, an occasional hot cocoa or cappuccino.

Saturday, I had only a few times that my voice shone through. It was a bit scary. I sounded more like a monster than a mom. Pops was concerned that anyone "peeking into our life" would think I was a reeeeaaealllllllly strange mother at one instance. I forced out a monster phrase to the kids to go outside to play, someone didn't follow suit and I monstered out that they better go or I would eat them for lunch and that I was hungry. REAL hungry. Then, I took a big swig out of the end of a liter bottle of root beer that was dark brown and looked more like a barley pop bottle than a soda pop bottle! Nice... The new neighbors - with a boy Bud's age - moving in are just gonna be thrilled to have us as neighbors.

Sunday, a few more good moments found to speak. Time spent giggling and laughing with Branch on my bed in the afternoon kind of killed my voice for the rest of the day, though. Lotsa fun this lost voice.

Today? NO voice this morning, but a consistent ability to gruff out something out when needed. So, here I am "telling" you all of this and I hope you can hear me, 'cause my voice is kind of quiet!!

Tap Tap Tap... yea, I'm here. Are you there? Can you hear me?? Can you hear me, now?

If you can hear me, I'm gonna try to put up some 1st birthday pictures later today. If you can't, well, you can't - maybe I'll just hope to try again later!! :)


  1. Sounds painful! :( Glad it's getting over!

  2. Hope you are feeling all better before your mom arrives. She was so excited about her upcoming visit with all of you when I saw her at Thanksgiving! Hopefully she is fully recovered from her all night shopping adventure with Lisa while in Ohio! She was one tired cookie the last time I saw her! :o)
    Know that this is supposed to be a working visit, but know you all will still have fun!
    Aunt S.

  3. А! post Awesome. Vraiment apprécié la lecture de votre blog.


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