Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Daybook, Entry #46

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Tuesday, Nov 2, 2010...

Outside my window... Dark, leaves are burning and the scent is wafting my way... windows open, it is 8 degrees right now, but it was around 77 this afternoon!

I am thinking... that I just might join up with another one of these link up type things to help me stay on top of putting something on this blog everyday. Anyone have any good suggestions that I could link up with?

I am thankful for... the end of election advertising campaigns for the year.

From the learning rooms... crafting, cooking, telling the kids that we are "on break" so that we can do some catch up work and re-set. It should be a fun week... the birds will love Bud after he makes a suet cake for them! We spent a wee bit of time before bed outside on the deck looking at the stars, planets and satellites cruising across the Milky Way!

From the kitchen...

Tues: Pops is out... we had pizza while enjoying Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure
Wed: Kielbasa, kraut, peas, noodles
Thurs: Pancakes, turkey bacon, eggs
Fri: Steaks, baked spuds, kuri squash
Sat: BBQ Chiken Sandwiches, baked beans, potato chips, deviled eggs
Sun: Meatloaf, baked potatoes, corn, fruit
Mon: Salmon, rice, acorn squash, green beans

I am creating... homeschool order/worksheets out of the printer

I am going... to make a GRAND effort at taking the treekids to the park tomorrow. Drove by yesterday and the fall foliage was spectacular! I would love a few pictures of those trees!

I am reading... I never finished that "Thirteenth Tale" for book club. I didn't finish, so I didn't go to book club. I just couldn't get into the book. I guess it wasn't my cup of tea. Anyone else read that one and able to tell me to hang in there - or should I just take it back to the library!?

I am hoping... that Bump's ear infection clears up quickly.

I am hearing... a quiet snoring of Bump beside me. I am typing in bed as I listen to/watch the election results come in.

Around the house... Halloween candy, in its individual wrappers, is so nice, eh? Well, it is if you can teach your children to get the wrappers into one of the TWELVE trash receptacles located on our property. All I ask is that they are in the trash can and not on the counter, table, floor, furniture, etc.

One of my favorite things... the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Snickers Candy Bars out of the candy stash of my children!!

A few plans for the rest of the week... Pops will get home on Thursday - late, Friday afternoon we hope to meet up with our homeschool group, survival until then!! This weekend I hope that we get a large chunk of organizing completed around the house - oh, and school prep before Pops leaves again for next week.

A picture thought I am sharing...


Early morning sibling love...

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  1. What ever happened to "Focus Pocus Friday"???? Love, G.


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