Saturday, November 6, 2010

Little Piggy, Little Piggy

Little Miss Branch has been working on a unit study of The 50 States of America. It has been fun for her to learn a little bit about each of the states and to make a notebook or scrapbook showing the state bird, flag and other assorted things about each state. Of course, we spend a little bit of time in the kitchen as well and have eaten "Mississippi Mud Cake" and other state appropriate foods. One week, we worked on Iowa and ate pork chops for supper and the next day, we enjoyed this treat...


A delicious Pink Piggy Pleasure! Strawberry flavored cake and strawberry flavored frosting and plenty of sprinkles to treat the kids... yum?!?!!


Branch is collecting postcards from each of the fifty states for her study scrapbook. If you would be "game" to send her a postcard from your state that has some representative item on it, she would be so excited!! If you leave a comment to tell me what state you will send a postcard from, I would appreciate it and mark it on our chart so I know where I need to find more cards from!! If you need our mailing address to send a card, let me know and leave your email address so that I can get it to you! Thanks for helping out!!


  1. What a FUN way to learn about the different states! I will mail Branch a postcard from Michigan.
    Aunt S.

  2. I just sent you a post card from Hawaii (requested by Anita Clark). I told her if you need ones from other places to let me know from where & I will see if I know anyone there or as at work if they do. Good luck on the project.

    Mike Carlton
    25 ASOS

  3. I would be most pleased to send a postcard from ALABAMA. I need your address and all that rote. Hope she has a great time doing this. Bye. Aunt Carol

  4. Nebraska is in the mail today! :-)

  5. Arkansas was mailed today. I am a friend of Livy's and she asked me to send one and was so happy to do it. Wishing you much success in your journey through the 50 states! Nancy Thomas (


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