Monday, November 29, 2010

Big 1st Birthday Fun!

Bump's first birthday was a lot of fun. Learning about tearing paper... tape sticking to fingers, palm, pants, feet, box... boxes!! Oh, and not to forget the fun gift inside!! He did not disappoint! We had so much fun watching and, at times, helping him.

Paper sounds COOL

I really wished I had been on the other side for that picture... he turned and gave me the biggest "I am soooo proud of myself" look with that big tear! And in the low light, missed the shot. Rats!

What is this sticky stuff?

He seemed to have a whole lot of fun tearing the paper and, of course, being the center of attention!!

This is sooooo cool!

He looks like such a "big boy" with that big toothy grin!! Where has my baby gone!???

Oooooo! Fun!!

This is a very typical way to find him sitting these days. One leg out and one tucked under... if he wants to move quickly to get a ball or whatever that isn't too far away... he draws that leg in and drags the other behind as he scoots about. It is sooooo cute. He loves playing with this new ball toy. It pops balls up and out and they go down the chute and pop up again. Plenty of entertainment for a baby or a 5, 7 or 9 year old!!


Yes, to us, this little guy is just the best present. In fact, Pops and I couldn't have been more thrilled on his birthday. He took 8 - 10 steps back and forth between Pops and I over and over again. Now, he is walking more bravely about without the big praises and hugs after each small path. But, watch out! If he needs to get somewhere fast... on all fours he goes, head down on a mission motoring about. Such a funny boy! (And one of those "all boy" rough & tumble types, I fear!!!)

For you, too!

Sharing is a strong suit... for now!

Thanks, bump!

And absolutely the sparkle in his Pops' eye.

Big smiles... go 'skers!

I think this little guy looks ready to go try the cake... pictures of the mess deliciousness to come - watch for them on Wordless Wednesday! I am sure that I will not need to share any words to show you know how it all went!


  1. He is ADORABLE! He looks so much like Blossom! What a beautiful little boy!

  2. They are all cute, but i LOVE that last picture!

    And I love all his little teeth... Rose's are uneven. 3 on the top and 3 on the bottom, with that third tooth on opposite sides. It's so funny!


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