Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Daybook, Entry #49

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Tuesday, Nov 30, 2010...

Outside my window... 50 degrees, cloudy with a chance of meatballs, I mean it looks like it is maybe clearing toward the southwest and the clouds are bookin' it out of our canyon.

I am thinking... out a plan for what I am "going" to do and what I am "hoping" will get done!!

I am thankful for... my whistle - to get the attention of the treekids I have been blowing it. I kind of feel a bit like Captain VanTrapp. Maybe I should have a special whistle sound for each kid! Hmmmm... well, Maria said that whistles are for dogs, not children. So, I suppose I will just be thankful for having a noise maker to get their attention!

From the learning rooms... We are doing some review work with the big kids this week. I want to make sure that we are retaining some amount of what we have been working on! Blossom is continuing on her Kindergarten plan - her review work is built in to her books!

From the kitchen...

Tues: Quesadillas
Wed: Chicken Stir Fry
Thurs: Out for supper
Fri: Crock Pot ... delight!?!
Sat: Pizza
Sun: Salmon
Mon: Meatloaf

I am creating... a list of homemade gifts to try to accomplish for Christmas - we'll see!!!

I am going... to be working on a home decluttering/reorganization project with my mom over the next 10 days!

I am reading... Still working on A Mother's Rule of Life by Holly Pierlot and Brain Rules by John Medina. I was also reading The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley.

I am hoping... To have a really fun and productive week!

I am hearing... the dishwasher running - it is loud. I remember at one house we lived in, we had a really quiet dishwasher. That is what is needed in a "open floor plan."

Around the house... Baby toys scattered about the living room, school books on the coffee table and the dining table, winter clothing boxes all boxed back up to head back to the garage, fall decorations getting put away - maybe we'll find some winter decorations, Advent decor, Christmas decor and maybe make some more!!

One of my favorite things... our relatively new Yacker Tracker (it does go on sale for less than its current listing) - that helps the kids (and parents, too!) keep track of our volume. It is nice that I don't have to nag about volume when I turn on the Yacker Tracker - it sirens if someone gets to loud and they quickly quiet right down. How does it work for Bump??? Well, he knows that if he hollers, it will blink a yellow light at him, if he hollers louder it will turn red and the siren will blare. Making the light change and the siren go off is a great big thrill for him... so, it kind of works backwards for him!! But, its intended purpose... helping Blossom (and Branch and Bud, too) to keep track of how loud the volume in the room is due to their talking/giggling/etc!

A few plans for the rest of the week... Today: School, tidy, possible trip to big town, get ready for company. Tomorrow: School, errands in bigger city, pick up GEEMAH from the airport (yipppeeeee!), Thursday: School, home declutter/reorganize with Geemah, afternoon in the big town - a kids' book auction at the library! All kids given some candy to use as currency to purchase books at the auction. All children K-5th will receive AT LEAST one book!! Dinner out, an errand or two?? Friday: school, library, home declutter/reorganize... Weekend: Pops will be home maybe we can do a bit of Christmas shopping while Geemah watches the prying eyes! And maybe one day she and I can go "play" for a while without the kids! Sounds fun!!

A picture thought I am sharing... There has been a fair amount of talk around the treehouse about the jolly ol' red suited man who slides down chimneys. Letters are being completed and I was pleased to see that all of the letters began with a big thank you for last year's gifts and then some other assorted topics before diving right into the wish list! Anyway, with all of the Santa talk, I remembered these pictures that I took back in September when we were out near John Day, OR on our trip heading to Pendleton! We had stopped to see the Fossil Bed Visitor Center and when the girls, Bump and I were ready to go and headed out to the van... who pulled up beside us??


Yes, Santa's Sleigh!! What a hoot! So, the girls got out and had a pic with the jolly man who was pleased to pose! We thought that maybe Bump would get in on the fun...


But, it seems he wouldn't call it fun! I think that he got his finger twisted in that beard and gave it a tug, though!!!

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  1. What a good sport Santa is!! How fun!

    I am totally going to look at the Yacker Tracker. I feel like a broken record saying, "turn your volume down, turn your volume down, turn your volume down!" Then the baby starts crying. She's a grumpy little booger when she's forcibly woken from a nap. :P


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