Thursday, November 11, 2010

Couldn't Resist...

Hang with me while I rant a bit... then a picture reward!!!

So, after we had a long Tuesday evening of no power, we holed up at a nearby hotel so that we could stay warm and have a little light and water to make sure that one Bump's bum continued to be wiped clear for the diaper rash experience!

The goal: Warmth, Light, Water, Sleep.

Warmth... Check! The heater worked just fine in our little modest hotel room.

Light... Check! The lights all worked and were flipped on quickly by the treekids just to make sure!!

Water... sorta Check. The water was slow, slow, slow and the toilet make a horrible hiss and clunk sound when it refilled after flushing. Luckily, there were no diapers that couldn't be tended to with more than a handful of wipes and the tub was available if necessary.

Sleep... not so much. The beds were not so comfortable, but I could have gotten past that. All children were awake until after 10:15 PM. Hotels are sooooooooooo exciting! Then, we had to have a drama about who slept where. So, we picked numbers to see who would sleep where. Miss Blossom did not get the pick that she had hoped for. She had much much drama left to use. She was tired and needed some loving. SO, after Bump was sound asleep... I pulled her up on my lap and snuggled, hugged, kissed, rubbed her back and lightly tickled her arms. She would start to give in to sleep and rest her head on my shoulder then would remember that she was mad and sit up, and tell me all the woes of it all ... again, and again, and AGAIN. She finally was so weary that she agreed that she would have to get in bed since she couldn't actually sleep where she was since in only a few minutes, I would be crawling into bed, as well. SO, at 11:35 PM... she crashed. My sleep from then was not so grand... I had Bump in my bed with Branch on the other side of the king sized bed. Branch is not a still sleeper, nor is she quiet! She was hollerin' at her dream team all night long and kicking and punching at them as well - thank goodness for the pillow barrier or I might be bruised! The dog was snoring and wheezing and up wondering about, lapping up water and crunching on kibbles. Blossom, asleep on a pull-out sofa with Bud, was creaking the bed springs as she tossed from side to side. I found Bud half in the bed and half out on one of my times up out of bed. WHAT A NIGHT! And a relatively early morning with everyone up and wide awake by 7 AM!!

Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway... Naps were in short order on Wednesday!

Bump took a morning nap at just before 10 AM and another afternoon nap just before 2 PM.

But, here's the fun... Blossom was a CRABBBBBBY Princess and I finally told her around 1:45 to go lay on her bed and relax. I really didn't care if she took a nap, as I just wanted her to quit picking at her siblings!! But, I went upstairs to check things out, put a few things away and just find out what she was up to, and THIS is what I found:


and on closer inspection...


Thank goodness for eye masks... she slept for about two hours before Bump and I woke her up!!


  1. Oh Erica - great hotel story! Sounds like some hotel nights we've had a long the way.

    And I love the sleep mask. My 10 year old daughter uses one of those too - it's so funny.

    Get some rest!

  2. That is the cutest picture of Blossom ever!! I hate hotels. Always sleep much better the 2nd night out of pure exhaustion. Here's to a much better night, complete with water, lights and heat!

    Kim Chrisman

    PS: I hope you choose Oklahoma. We love it here!!

  3. Ok that is the funniest, cutest picture. What a princess!


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