Saturday, December 12, 2009

Trees need hugs... or just lots of sparkle!

Our artificial tree went to the dump. The pre-lit part of the tree would not light. Kind of makes the pre-lit part a bit frustrating. Anyway, we were in the market for a new option for a Christmas tree this year. Pops and I found a fresh cut tree and brought that home for this year. I am sooooo looking forward to sweeping up pine needles over the next month!!

Pops and I seem to have a bit of "Bah Humbug" in us this year and couldn't rightly care less about having a Christmas tree or other decorations, but those crazy treekids of ours are living up to the tree theme of the family. THEY wanted a tree more than I can describe and weren't "ok" with skipping on the tree for even one year. So, they were super excited about the tree that we brought home - even in its "Charlie Brown-ness"!!!


We had made our attempt at setting up our 2009 Christmas tree on the first Sunday of Advent as I had a "new idea" for this year's tree... Last year after Christmas when everything was on sale, I bought new ornaments and a tree skirt (that Blossom thought worked well as a girl skirt or as a princess cape... who needs a skirt on a TREE!?!!).


I bought a large selection of silver ornaments and then 4 small tubes of very small round simple plain balls in pink and purple... 3 purple and 1 pink tube. The plan was to put up one tube of colored ornaments each Sunday of Advent as we would also light the candles in our Advent wreath. A lovely plan to do a bit of decorating and preparation each Sunday as we got closer to Christmas... and our tree would be more and more colorful as we approached Christmas! A lovely plan... right? Well, it would have been if our pre-lit tree would have LIT!


We are still going with this plan for decorating our tree, we just were several days late in getting the tree up and the first round of ornaments put on. So far, we have put up all the silver ornaments and two tubes of purple ornaments.


This Sunday, we will add the tube of pink ornaments and the treekids are very excited!! Christmas is coming ... it is right around the corner!! I need to get organized... Here we had a baby on the way and this is the first year that I was not nearly ready for all things Christmas just before Thanksgiving! Maybe the baby will help??? Or if he won't help (he slept through 99% of the tree decorating)... maybe this creature will help with other preparations since decorating the tree wasn't up her alley (she slept through only 75% of the tree decorating)!!


I guess I'll giver her a break... she is considered geriatric and all. In just two short months she'll be nine years old. I don't think that she has drank the water from the tree stand, so that deserves a "break" and she can opt out of all holiday preparations this year. But, NEXT year... she better pull her weight!

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