Friday, December 18, 2009


I received a very unique baby gift from a friend not too long ago. It is a snuggly cocoon of a blanket! Every time that I use it out and about, I get oohs and aahs and compliments galore. THEN they want to know where to get one - "or, wait... did YOU make that?" OH, how I wish that I could claim that I made it as it is so super cute! Alas, I have to admit that a friend made it for me.


I tell them that my friend writes a blog and that she has posted the pattern for FREE on her blog and then I try to remember the web address for my friend's blog and the name of the post... yea, it doesn't usually work out too well for me and I end up with a phone call (from the pediatrician's office in one case, since the receptionist wanted to knit one and they DO have my phone number!) asking for the address again since what I wrote down isn't bringing them to the right location! SO - I thought a link on my blog would help my scatter-brained self out!

(Doesn't it look like he is doing "Here's the church, Here's the steeple, Open the doors..."
I'll have to teach him how to do the "and See all the people!" part!!!)

So, if you knit and you want to give a really unique gift for someone that has had a baby - or is about to have one... Go check out Amy's blog and consider making this great cocoon for their baby! I happen to love this blanket idea for a few reasons:
  1. It is WASHABLE wool! So, it is warm, yet washable - important when you have a spitty baby!!
  2. It is just the right size... it wraps around the baby without having all that draggin' on the ground corners of a regular blanket.
  3. Because it is just the right size to wrap around the baby, the mom (with her fluctuating hormones) does not break into a sweat while everyone else is shivering.
  4. I love that it has a matching hat. I like a good lookin' coordinating set! Blossom says that it looks like a little hat for the baby and a big hat for the mommy! Cracks me up, but she did put the cocoon on my head and it did sort of fit like a long snowbunny hat. So, possibly this cocoon has potential use when the baby is a teenager or adult?? ;)
  5. Handmade. I love a handmade item from a friend. I think that the time and effort put into a homemade/handmade gift is priceless and shows a great level of love and care! SO, thank you again, SO MUCH, Amy!!


  1. LOL! Thank you Erica! It is so funny, when I was making it I kept putting it on my head and saying, well, if it doesn't work out I know have a stocking cap, lol.

    I am so glad you like it. It is such a joy to see someone so happy over something you make them. Bless you!!!

  2. So Super CUTE!!! Both Baby AND the cocoon! Amy is SO talented!!


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