Thursday, December 10, 2009


I think that I will just say that I am on Babymoon... kind of like a honeymoon - but it is just me and baby hanging out A LOT 'round the house. We have been venturing out now and then for various errands and appointments. Those days seem to be stressful and I hole up afterwards and catch up on my rest. So, know that I am still HERE loving on my snuggly baby boy.

It seems that I have plenty of things to blog about, but here's the deal... if I have something to blog about - that means that I spent my computer time DOING something instead of being at my computer! I have some pictures to load from my camera and will do that soon so that I can at least share those with you all!

I am thinking about blogging - but trying to find the new rhythm of my life! Will update sooooooon. I PROMISE!!!!!


  1. Enjoy your baby moon! We'd love to hear more when you have time to post. :) Congratulations again!

  2. T. suggested "broadleaf" for your newest offspring--can you tell they're studying botany? Hope all is well, and take all the time you need for your "babymoon"!

  3. We want pix!!! lol

    Enjoy your baby and don't worry about us... sniffle...

  4. It's okay to skip the blogging for a while...but this grandma would love to see some new pictures of the kiddos! Especially the littlest one, who is changing every day! His package will be in the mail by the first of the something to look forward to! Kiss the grands for us! Grandma and Grandpa


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