Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I hopped online to write my "daybook" post - although it seems to be a nightbook post these days! I was very surprised to see that currently the readers of this blog seem to be semi-neck and neck on voting in "Burl" and "Buckeye"... This is SO strange to me!

I KNOW why 2 people would have chosen Buckeye... one lives in Columbus and is by default (or maybe choice - who knows!) a fan of THE Ohio State University - not sure if it is football thing or all sports and academia... hmmm. The OTHER one seems to breathe, bleed, sweat buckeye fever throughout football season and then all things Ohio seem to fall away until the season picks up again. So, I GET why there would be TWO (count them... 1, 2) votes. But, what is up with the rest of you'uns??

As for Burl... REALLY? That is what you're thinking is a best option? Could you enlighten me on this one? I mean, I get it - we live in Oregon and there are plenty of burls that show up on trees around here and all... so, it would be a "local" name for a "local" guy. But, it just isn't the name I would think that would go over so well either because of its sound (a bit redneckish to me - sorry!) or meaning (a woody swelling where the root meets the stem - huh?!) - they just seem "off"!

I guess I put ALL the options that I could find out there feeling fairly confident that everyone would sort of follow along my current theme of tree parts and just chuckle about the other ideas! "Bud," "Branch," and "Blossom" are all parts of the tree that actually can be found in the canopy area of the tree! So, when I suggested varieties of trees, I was piggy-backing off of a comment made on a post from earlier this month. I didn't think it was really following my "theme" - although, I do think that "Butternut" is kind of cute!!

So, I prolly shouldn't have made so many options available - and should have just put my top 3 or 5 choices and went from there! I can tell that the old me - the pre-pregnancy me is slowly coming back... The pregnant me was VERY indecisive and couldn't make a decision in any amount of hustle! The pre-pregnant me did not have this problem, and as the hormones are slowly wearing off, I find I have more clear-cut ideas about what I do or do not like/want/need/etc.

Where does all this leave me and you? Well, it leaves You, Ms. Regina, thinking that there is a chance that I will call my babe "buckeye," when that certainly is a mistruth!! I guess I will pick the name in my top picks with the most votes... or, I will just chuckle at all your votes and say, "Silly, silly, silly!! I will instead call my baby... _____!"

Would you like me to create a new poll with only my top 3 or 5?? There were mistakes on that poll anyway - 2 that I spotted after someone had voted... and then it couldn't be edited!! I seem to have rambled on long enough... care to share you thoughts??!! I guess I'll get on that daybook tomorrow - maybe during the DAY!!!


  1. well, i guess we were all taken on that poll. . . you didnt really want OUR opinion, just to verify yours. i think you should call him maverick

  2. I know it doesn't start with B but Twig would be cute.... just throwing it out there to further confuse things. Just doing my part. ;)

  3. Well, I agree, both Burl and Buckeye are a tad...err, goofy. I'm not trying to be ugly, but that you even inculded those kinda surprized me...heh heh! ;) Anywho, I'm sticking with my vote of Bramble, because I think it sounds sweet, but I think that a new poll IS in order...and should only have options that you would ACTUALLY use...can't wait to see the next version of the poll and vote again...poor baby needs a name, and soon!

  4. You didn't anticipate that? ;)

    There's a van that parks on our street by the Baptist church and its license plates read something like Buskers or something that means Buckeyes + Huskers. They have an Ohio sticker on one side and a Husker sticker on the other. Always makes me think of Regina. :)

  5. thanks aubrey, but it is ohio STATE, not just ohio. unless of course it is just a sticker of the state of ohio and not the school. those baptists are on to something though. . . but even i would not vote for busker ;)

    just name your boy suh (pronounced sue for those not in the know) and start a new trend (instead of continuing the b's. . . besides, i get mixed up all the time as to which b is which kid.

  6. I like "Twig", even though it doesn't continue the "B"-theme. "Burl" started as a joke, because it was the only tree-related word starting with the letter "b". Or, you could nickname him something completely unrelated to trees, shrubbery, & plants.

  7. Ummm...I left out a key phrase. "Burl" was the only "b"-and-tree-related word I could think of on the spur of the moment!

  8. I thought of Twig too and thought it was cute . . .

    The B thing is hard as there aren't very many tree-related words starting with B that are cute.

    Start the poll over with your favorites and go from there . . .

  9. Funny, Regina - Yes, a boy named "suh" would be just fine... and then I could add one of those snappy music players on here and have it play Johnny Cash's song and listen to ... "My name is Sue, how do you do..." over and over and over.

    H - no worries about your joke-ish idea... "Burl" was actually one of the few that I had thought of long back in the summer (when I saw a burl bowl!). I just think that it sounds so like "Earl" and I always think of a redneck show or some country song where "earl" is as twanged out as possible. Oh, well...

    And, then my mom called and told me, "But Erica, 'Burl' is good because it is a real name. You know, Burl Ives!" (Guess I know which name she 'might' have voted for!) So, who is "Burl Ives" I wanted to know... Wikipedia had my answer! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burl_Ives AND since he has some good old Christmas classics to listen to and this baby of ours is the best ever (a little bit early) Christmas present and a burl is a part of a tree... I guess I wouldn't rule it out entirely!!

    I know that I could break free from the "B" or tree parts theme... but, somehow I just CAN'T!! We worked at naming our children for reals to
    not have the same initials - their own "identity" and monogram.

    However, there iS this part of me who thinks it is CUTE!! My mom had a friend whose name began with the same letter as her husband's name. They had 3 (or maybe 4) boys who also were named with the same first initial. When their Christmas card arrived, I always enjoyed looking at how she signed it... her name and her husband's had a capital first letter and all the boys had lowercase letters until they were older - teenagers, maybe? I just thought that was cute!

    But, i didn't want to have the kids share the same first letter and confuse myself when I needed someone, pronto!! So, instead - I confuse all of you (and sometimes myself) on a blog where I post a picture with their alias so that I can keep track! And MY kids will never have to be "accidentally" called the name of the family dog!!! (Yep, thanks, mom! Lucy was great... but, she had 4 legs... to my knowledge I have only ever had 2!!;) I Know it was equal treatment, though - no favorites - since you did the same for Joann!!)

    I will make a new poll... when I get around to it... I have a "few" presents to wrap for later this week!

  10. And... WOW am I ever wordy!! Sheeeeeesh...

  11. I haven't been online much lately -- so just catching up... I like Butternut. Very cute!


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