Sunday, December 13, 2009

An early visit from the Western North Pole?

Our town had a Christmas Party of sorts not too long ago. There was some very yummy hot chocolate, cookies, fires to warm oneself by, a tree lighting ceremony, some caroling children, a cheerful Christmas Song singer, lots of local people visiting and a visit from a "Frontier Santa" (whose outfit was really cool and isn't shown very well in these photos - he had spurs and bells on his boots and a leather pouch and was very "old west") who rode in with "Mrs. Santa" on a horse drawn carriage. We aren't certain what happened to the reindeer, exactly. But, these visitors came to see the children (and adults) in our town and talk about who was naughty or nice, what kinds of things were wished for this Christmas and there were pictures and candy canes for all the children.




  1. Thanks for updating your blog, Elm. Know you must be super busy, but I really have missed hearing about & seeing pictures of your lovely family! I think the advent idea for your Christmas tree is GREAT! What a fun & creative way to help the treekids remember the true meaning of Christmas! Glad you are enjoying your baby-moon as well as the fun activities of the season!
    Love, Aunt Stephanie

  2. Awesome! So glad to see you all in a picture! :)

    Love the little baby sock on ... what shall we call him ... Leaf? ;)


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