Saturday, December 19, 2009


Spam on blog comment areas is just as weird as SPAM in a can. I don't think that I want to continue with the spam, so...

I have changed how you enter a comment to include a word verification step. Please don't be discouraged, real comment leavers!! Let me know if any problems occur in leaving comments now with that extra step. Send a note my way at "afamilytreehouse {at} me {dot} com" if ya don't mind!

Now, off to read some REAL comments - not that junk about where to purchase codeine and prednisone!!


  1. LOL! I am considering the same thing...I keep getting viagra advertisements. Yikes! And really strange comments in French, Italian and I think, Russian. Time for a change, indeed! A comment verification won't deter me! Hope you are having a great week!

  2. Yes, almost a year now! Hurray for no store bought bread! I generally whip up some on MOnday morning, about 4-6 loaves depending on how many people are going to home for meals that week, keep 2 out on the counter and freeze the rest and pull it out as necessary. I was baking twice a week, but since it only takes 2 more minutes to make an extra batch at the same time, I'm sticking with that for now. Congrats again on your new bundle of love...the bread can wait! ; )

  3. well, well, well. . .looky what name is in the lead (since someone said they accidentally voted for burl 1 of those votes does NOT count).
    you know where my vote went ;)

  4. Ugh, sorry!! That is so annoying...

    Watch the Buckeye thing though.... you might be dooming your son by making him a nut! ;)


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