Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our Babe NEEDS a BlogName!!

So... would you mind helping?? I am creating a "poll" over in the sidebar for choosing a blogname for our newest little guy. I hope that you will choose your favorites (I have allowed for you to choose more than one favorite!) to help me choose ONE name for our little guy!

Some of these names have been suggested through previous comments, some found and suggested by Grandpa when he was out visiting, some I found before the babe was born and just hadn't chosen for sure. If you don't really like any of those options... or you have a BETTER one, select "other" and come over here and leave a comment with your other choice!!


Here are the options and possible reasons for use...

An assortment of tree "terms"...

Berry (a small roundish juicy fruit without a stone)
Bonsai (the art of caring for and shaping trees with love and care)
Broadleaf (a tree with wide, flat leaves)
Burl (woody swelling where the stem joins the roots)
Bundle (a bundle scar is what is left on a twig after a leaf falls)
Bract (very small leaf, usually scale like and associated with a flower)
Blade (leaf excluding the stalk)
Basal (originally from the base)
Bole (another name for the trunk of a tree)
Bur (a prickly seed case or flowerhead that clings to animals and clothes)


Common Names of Various Tree Species...

Bramble (any plant contained in the Rubus, most common examples include raspberries and blackberries)
Blue (as in spruce??)
Black (as in locust, gum, ash, tupelo, spruce, cherry, oak)
Balsam (fir)
Baker (cypress)


Other options that have to do with a tree...

Bump (on a log)
Bumblebee (they add sweetness to a tree)


  1. Hi Erica,
    He is looking soooo cute! Love the little dinosaur hat with the dinosaur shirt.


  2. Oops - I meant to click Bur instead of Burl. So cute.

    ~ Maple

  3. I love, Love, LOVE the dino precious! I haven't located the poll yet, so I'll cast my vote here. I pick Bramble, just sounds fun...and if it represents berries, they must be sweet, just like him!

  4. Ohhh! Babe & hat are both ADORABLE!
    Voted for my two favorites. Give that little one a hug from his Great-auntie S.
    Love to you all!

  5. Of course, we choose "Buckeye"! LOL He is so cute, Erica! Not sure yet who I think he most resembles . . . but I LOVE that strawberry blonde hair! Give all your kiddos a hug for me!

    "Aunt" Lisa


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