Saturday, March 7, 2009


So, I have come through on what I said I'd do... I said back on my Christmas Eve post into early January that I would add pictures after January 15th... Well, today is March 7th. According to my calendar, March 7th is after January 15th so I am right on track!  If you wanna see those new pictures, you can see them at these posts... (click on any of these dates to see "new" pics)

Oh, and Aunt Lisa... Pictures of those jammies I was sewing are on there! You're welcome. You can breathe easy, now.

On another note - I have enlarged this post section in order to be able to put these BIGGER pictures on... Hope you like them. Would you let me know if you have any troubles and if the load time seems to slow down with any changes? Thanks and ENJOY!!

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