Thursday, March 26, 2009


What's that?!

Well, it is hard to have a normal anything when you have continual chaos with 3 kids at home with you everyday!! But, our normal chaos is what we are now trying to get back to.

Geemah hopped on her plane yesterday and flew back to Illinois. She had to fly through Seattle and we instructed her on the fine art of airport eating... in Seattle! You see, there is a restaurant in the commons area in the SEA-TAC airport. I will never again fly through there without stopping at their walk up counter. I would be willing to let the people at the gate call "Last call for passenger, Mrs. E.L.M. We are closing the gate doors in 2 minutes. Last call for passenger, Mrs. E.L.M." Yes, I would let that happen and be the running fool to the gate with my small plate of deliciousness to go.

So, what is this place, you are now dying to know!?! It is "Anthony's" and they serve fish. I don't like fish. I know I know. You probably already know that about me... well, some of you do. Most fish will give me a bellyache like nobody's business! Nausea. Lots of nausea. Anyway, that is the case for most white fish. But, I don't order white fish there. What is the menu item that is calling my name from Cancun, Oregon, Nebraska, Illinois, Minneapolis, Denver and any other airport that I have been in on my way through Seattle? Oh, my heavens... I can hardly bear it. I am now salivating. Oh... my goodness. If I tell you, and you are ever there at SEA-TAC (or if this restaurant is in Seattle outside of the airport... I'm not sure about that) you have to make a pinky swear promise that you will seek out the restaurant and order the dish. Got it? If you don't plan to follow through, then quit reading. I can NOT bear to know that someone had the option of this yum and skipped out on it. So... now is your chance. Leave, go visit my friend Regina in Seattle, or my blogger friend, who strangely turns out to be much less than six degrees of separation, Aubrey who is in Nebraska but is about to go visit Seattle (I have a feeling you'll be through SEA-TAC, Aubrey!!), or visit Jessica, she and I will be driving up to Seattle in May, maybe I'll look into Anthony's outside of the airport... Anyway, the point is - go away if you are planning to read and forget. This is not something to take lightly. This is important eating information. OK - now that is all under control...

You MUST order the "Salmon and Chips." Yes. SALMON and Chips. It is divine. It is a great meal for under $10 so it won't break the bank. (Unlike our terrible Mexican dishes at the Cancun airport and had to be tossed and Domino's pizzas was purchased in their place.) So, what is it. Well, think fish 'n' chips - nice beer battered fish hunks with a side of french fries (I prefer to skip the fires these days and request a salad which works sometimes and sometimes not). A beautiful non-greasy battered piece of salmon! WHO would have thought to prepare salmon in that way? I have no idea, but I think that they must be in the World Record Book for most amazing preparation of fried fish!! Seriously. Anthony's. Salmon and Chips.

Thanks for coming and visiting Geemah. We enjoyed having you here. Glad that you tried and enjoyed the Salmon and Chips. Happy that you made it home safe and sound. Now, I am running a detox program for the kids for the sugar, spoiling and extra loving that they are missing. Have fun getting back to your normal... it will be a while for us!


  1. Yep--I'll be flying into SEA-TAC. I'm guessing my brother will pick me up, so we'll have to look for this restaurant as it will be close to lunch time when I get in! Thanks for the tip!

    Good luck getting settled in! :)

  2. Oh, and I LOVE fish. All kinds of fish, but especially salmon! My mouth is watering already!


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