Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Busy Day, Today

We're off to the big city to pick Geemah up from the airport today. I will be bringing the kids along for the ride to the airport. They are so excited they can hardly contain themselves. Since it is a pretty long ride there and the same long ride back, they are not usually in tow for the pick-up. They are so excited it seems that they cannot contain their wiggles!

The last time that we all went to pick Geemah up from the airport was last June. She had come for a visit and we waited oh so patiently for her to come down the stairs and out through security. Have you ever seen a 3, 5 and 6 year old waiting behind a roped off area for their Geemah?!?! It was a hoot! When they finally saw her, those ropes meant nothing to excited kids! Go around, go around, go around I kept telling them... hoping that it would take as long for them to get to the end of the secure area as it would my mom! Some of those security guards are BIG!!!

I remember it clearly. She came out of the terminal wearing the cutest blue swingy skirt with a red top. TOO CUTE! I wonder what loveliness she'll be wearing tomorrow on the plane... It won't matter to the kids what she will be wearing, but my Branch has already planned out her own  outfit for picking Geemah up at the airport. It involves a pair of Hello Kitty Pants, a Hello Kitty t-shirt, a Hello Kitty zippered sweatshirt, some Hello Kitty socks, Hello Kitty shoes, a Hello Kitty hair tie and, well, Hello Kitty "unmentionables." So, if she is putting this much thought into her own outfit, do you think she is caring what Geemah will be wearing? I suppose she won't really care too much, but she WILL notice. I believe that Blossom never pre-plans what to wear. But, big SURPRISE... I bet she wears a dress! Bud cares about clothes as much as an owl cared that there were a couple of ants carrying a potato chip from last summer's picnic site.

I am excited to see my mom, too. She is so much fun and a goofy kind of silly, too! We do plan to stop in at a few stores while we are in the big city. I figure that we will eat dinner there, too. Mmmm... choices!!


  1. aw, tell geemah howdy for me. she is fun and super cute

  2. have a fun time together and be sure to wish Blossom a happy birthday from all of us!!

  3. Have a wonderful time with your mom!!!

  4. Hope you hooked up with Geemah ok & are all safe & sound back at home.
    Have fun celebrating Blossom's birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOSSOM from AUNTIE S! XOXO

  5. Yes, I have arrived!! And the fab greeting at arrival was so wonderful. I tell Branch what I am wearing and that I'll run to her when I see her! This is a tradition between us. Unfortunately this time too many people were wearing similiar outfits....but we did see each other and ran into each other's arms! That's success!

  6. How fun!!!



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