Monday, March 2, 2009

The Four Seasons

My girls love trying out a fancy bathtub. The tub at the Four Season's in Las Vegas was no different!  They were so excited about how DEEP it was and that "if they wanted to" they could fill the water all the way up to their necks!!! Oh, the thrills and excitement of youth.
I must say that I was quite excited about other things in the hotel. I loved the floor to ceiling, wall to wall window that we had. That was amazing and I pondered it frequently. I did wonder how the firemen would help us out of our 35th floor window with the ladder if there was a fire and we couldn't escape in the hall and down the stairs. I am neurotic, I know. Since there were other things to enjoy, I put the quandary aside... I loved that there was a REAL rug in the bathroom in front of the sink.  A nice plush rug that wasn't really a towel that you step on getting out of the shower. I loved the shower that was beautiful tile and glass. I loved the shampoo, conditioner, soap, shower gel, lotion... these were top notch and I snagged the extras to share with guests at my home (Yea, come on. You're invited, I suppose, and can use the swanky hotel toiletries!!). I liked the small closets and I did use them.
I loved the comfortable beds - a first for me. I slept quite well in a bed other than my own! I loved that the bathroom was large enough to stretch your arms out in! I loved that there was a ... well, mmm, uh, a "water closet" in the bathroom with a closing door to allow a person their "privacy" while someone else could enjoy brushing their teeth. I loved that they brought cookies and milk to the room our first night for the kids. I loved the big plush bathrobes for after my shower. I thought it was awfully smart that they had a diaper pail in the room. (Blossom still uses a pull-up over night, although most mornings it is dry, now.) I loved that they had a dvd player in each room and a list of family friendly dvds to borrow. I loved that they had a bottle of spray starch in one of the closets with the iron and ironing board. 

It was so nice to have those little things all thought of. I hope that anyone who comes to my home to stay as a guest leaves feeling that their needs were thought of and that the warmth and love of our family follows them home. Sorry that I cannot accommodate you with the extra deep bathtub... and many of the other spectacular features. But I can offer up a whole lot of silly!!


  1. Sounds like a pretty swanky place - what fun! That top picture of your girls is adorable.


  2. What a grateful heart you have! I LOVED reading the things you loved. :)


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