Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have been doing some reflecting on stories gone by. Long gone by. I registered for a facebook account about a year ago in an effort to not feel old.

My brother-in-law came to visit in March 2008 and we were talking and I asked about someone and their "relationship status" and the response was that they were seeing each other, but that they weren't "facebook official." HUH? What is that? Well, I should know better than to tell my (then) 21 year old brother-in-law that I didn't know something hip and cool! I suppose that hip and cool aren't hip and cool anymore, but I digress. So, I learned that "facebook official" is the thing that college kids are saying these days instead of "going out with" someone. (I WILL digress again and say thank goodness for their ability to see how ridiculous that phraseology was and find something new! NO, we aren't going anywhere, we are just going out. shaking my head.)

After he left and returned to the "U", I talked with my mom about this new phraseology. She informed me that SHE had a facebook account. Not that she uses it often, but she HAS one and I did NOT! So, I promptly got online and signed up for an account. My first order of business was locating that feather ruffling brother-in-law of mine on facebook to make him a friend and tell him how fly, kicky, happenin', up to date and with it I had become. But, you see, I ran across a problem. Not a BIG problem, but a problem none the less. There was NO person on facebook with the name of my dear, loving, feather-ruffling brother-in-law. None. NOPE. Nada. No 21 year old punk that went by the name of, well... I'll let him stay nameless for now. I couldn't believe it! He gave me a handful of trouble and he didn't even have an account! (Yet, how juxtaposing is it that my MOM did have one. She is so PHAT! and GRoovY! She'll get groovy better than phat. I don't want her to think I am being discourteous or ill-mannered.)

Well, since I signed up for the darn thing, I started accumulating friends... at the slowest possible rate - EVER. I found some family and nothing became of that... as far as anything different than my email box. Then, people started finding ME! I was found by a few people who found me through a few people, who found me... and on it went. Now, I do not have some ginormous facebook friend list - but, for hoping to fid ONE particular person? I am doing fairly well!

So, where was I going with all this. Boy, I am so scatter-brained lately! OH! Yes, I was telling you about reflecting on my life! You see, while I was out trying to just not seem old to my "little" brother-in-law I discovered a few old pals. I have been asked to be friends with people who never say a thing to me again. So, what does that mean? They want an enormous friend list or they know me, miss me greatly and are hoping and praying that I will send a note to them first?? But, the thing is... I don't really "do" facebook.

Here's what I don't do...
  • I no longer "accept" candy from strangers or friends
  • I no longer "accept" nominations for beautiful person
  • I no longer "accept" nominations for nicest person
  • I no longer "accept" gifts
  • I do not participate in kidnapping
  • I do not feed, water or play with the dog that someone somehow gave to me
  • I do not participate in all those silly things

Here's what I am willing to do...
  • I accept new friends
  • I accept some new friend recommendations
  • I accept relative requests
  • I do the Social Calendar swap dates thing
  • I read status updates
  • I read my "wall"
  • I put graffiti on other people's walls
  • I have, on occasion, chatted on the instant messenger program
  • I have, on occasion - but would rather go do other things, played some kinds of word games and other smarty pants things that I don't seem to do too well on.
If you write a blog, I am much more likely to read it and leave a comment than I am to keep in touch with you on facebook. So, if you leave a comment and a link to your blog... I'll come over and keep in touch there.

OH - and I did finally find that pesky brother-in-law of mine on facebook (and the other two peskier ones). He claims that he was on some kind of account that was part of the original facebook where only school people were included or some such thing. I didn't pry. I don't care. I keep tabs on my ornery brother-in-law now, put graffiti on his wall and when I have insomnia, I can usually find him on facebook for a goofy chat. College kids are great like that. Have fun in Vegas, Pesky Brother-In-Law and don't ruffle ANY kinds of feathers, there - especially peacock feathers if you catch my drift... Stick to my rather tame Vegas adventure series that you can find here over the past few weeks of posts... Enjoy!!


  1. I enjoyed reading this post Erica! Since joining facebook (recently as well) I've decided that I still MUCH prefer blogging. It just doesn't compare, in the least... However, it is nice to reconnect with extended family and a few old friends as well, that just don't read blogs. Have you noticed that you can actually add your blog feed to Facebook?! =) I agree with everything you do and do not do, although I have also recently gotten friend request from people I don't know (or barely know), which I haven't accepted either. It cracks me up that some of these people want to be "friends!" lol!!

  2. well now I know why I don't get any "candy" from you or why you don't send me any back! btw, kidnapping is rather educational learning about all sorts of cities! And you can get your starbucks fix right on fb now too! A time waster?? maybe, but sure fun! You don't know what you are missing!!!

  3. But I like kidnapping you!! LOL
    I agree with you, I have gotten over the newness of it all. I think it happened shortly after an ex-boyfirend found me! YIKES!

  4. You and I match up pretty well in the FB category. I'm too nervous to "allow[ing] XYZ access will let it pull your profile information, your friends' info, and other content that it requires to work."

    I use FB as an opportunity to get in touch with people, see pictures of their kids, find out what they're up to, and overall, KEEP in touch. It's great! :)


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