Tuesday, March 31, 2009

On Safari

We joined some other homeschooling families for a trip to that drive-through zoo park near here. We split into two cars - one for girls and one for boys and a couple moms! I was happy to be with the girl group! It looked wild and crazy in the boy van!  For now, I will just share the animal photos.  I will post pictures with people in them later! We are off on another "field trip" today for bowling with a local group. Watch out pins, these kids are looking for strikes and spares!

This regal eagle sits out on an island.Photobucket
I wonder when the kids will ask why he is always sitting there and never flies away!

These turtles were out sunning on some logs in the pond that the eagle's island is in.
I feel for the guy out there alone. "Hey, guys! Wait for me!"

We meet again. The Bison and I.
Did you know this is a Bison and not a Buffalo? Buffalo are not native to North America!

This frisky bear hopped in and enjoyed the water.
Branch insisted that the barrel was his "huny pot" - all bears have one!

I couldn't resist... CHECK OUT that TONGUE!! 
PhotobucketDoesn't it look like a fish?! I am certain there were no fish in the trees, though.

This big ol' hippo wandered out of his little mud hole for a bit.
It was kind of fun to see how his body moved. The girls giggled about the jiggly tummy and how cute he was. CUTE? Then why aren't all my little jiggles called cute? Mine are far closer to cute baby chubs than this hippo's portly paunch! Hmmm... not fair.

Camels, lying down? Well, I'll be...
We can stop to see them without risk of spitting in the windows!!

This is a White Handed Gibbon.

Apparently, wheat bread crusts are not a part of the diet for a White Handed Gibbon and neither are they for the "special ducks" and "special koi" in the pond. 
Leave the wheat bread crusts to the (real) wild ducks and geese at other ponds! 
Just doin' my part to spread the word...


  1. LMBO! You tell 'em Elm.... you don't want to get chewed out again. :)
    Great pictures!!

  2. Love your pictures!!! (as usual!!)

    Some look very familiar, and I even have those small three turtles. Imagine that!

    And yes, who would have known that they have "special ducks and koi" at the "wild zoo" ??

    It was SUCH a fun day! I'm so glad we were all able to go together! =)

  3. looks awesome!! i cant wait to see you guys next week!

  4. Wow, what a cool place. How close were you/how much zoom do you have?

  5. What a neat place to visit!

    I read a book about giraffes to the girls tonight. Did you know that they sleep for only 5-30 minutes a day and live for an average of only 10 years? Also, ancient people thought that they were a cross between a leopard and a camel. Who knew?


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