Friday, December 26, 2008

It was a GREAT day for our family!

We had so much fun together yesterday!  The kids got us up at a decent hour, we enjoyed looking through our stockings, opening presents, eating a lovely prime rib dinner, playing together with our new fun things, eating cookies, watching the snow fall a little bit throughout the day, talking with family on the phone... it was a GREAT Christmas!

Here are some pictures of fun presents...

We kind of lost Bud after he opened this TransFormer computer.

Branch wants to sew just like her MaMa - and HK to boot!!

Our diva, Blossom, loved her new Snow White wig...

and the fake fingernails!

Our little Barker got some liver treats and she followed them around all day!

Joy in a $6 camping light!!
Pops is so good at opening presents with the kids. They love every minute of his sillyness!

He loves "practical" and I try! A lot of fun. I opened some lovely presents myself, but I take pictures and try to stay out of the way of any other camera people! 

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