Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Isn't today Wednesday?

I now KNOW for SURE that I am no longer living in the midwest.

I have an appointment at the Dentist's office on Monday, Dec. 22nd. There are five (count 'em, 1 - Thurs 18, 2 - Fri 19, 3 - Sat 20, 4 - Sun 21, 5 - Mon 22 - that's FIVE, I had to check, too) days until my 8 am appointment. I just received a phone call from the receptionist at the dentist's office, letting me know that they will be taking my phone number (along with all the other appointment holders for the near future) home with them so that they can call around 7AM if my appointment will be scheduled due to weather.


We are preparing 5 days in advance for weather?? Yes, we are expecting to get some snow/ice winter mix in the next couple days. Yes, I understand that. So, if I had an appointment tomorrow, I would have found nothing strange in that call. But, 5 DAYS!!??? I know it isn't just Oregon... Memphis was similar. Although, I never had a call from a doctor's office... the news stations and weather folks always called for the people to "Get yer bread and milk! Get yer bread and milk!" when we were expecting snow. Of course the snow accumulated to about an inch or so. That sure made us laugh - more than once!! Every time snow was predicted... "Get yer bread and milk!!"

Oh, well. We'll be happy to be prepared when the pass is covered with ice... But, I haven't seen one trip on the interstate out here where there was ANY possibility of it being closed (aside from the one mountain pass south of Medford - I heard it was closed... once). I'll keep ya posted as to whether or not the weather cooperates for me to get to the dentist or not! Until that day, happy brushing and flossing!!

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