Saturday, December 27, 2008

Busy busy busy... again!

We are all getting excited and preparing eagerly... we have guests arriving on Monday!!  We are rolling out the red carpets and dusting off the fancy china... Geemah, PopPop and Aunt JoJo are coming by plane and we will pick them up from the airport Monday afternoon!!  Woooo Hoooo!  

You think I sound excited?  You should hear the squeals around here of those chillen of mine! They can hardly contain themselves!  We haven't see my family since this past July!  That is a long long time!  This is actually the longest stretch of time that Geemah has been away from my kids! I miss my mom, but my kids?  They feel tortured, I think!  Geemah usually sees us about once every three months or so... even when she lived in England and Poland.  Three - maybe four months at the most spanned the time between visits. It has been a long time since mid-July!

We are excited that they are coming.  Aunt JoJo has not been here to visit yet and has never been to the west coast, either.  So, we plan to live it up and take her to see the Pacific Ocean. We hope that she comes back again soon so that we can take her to see Crater Lake, too - that is one amazing place to go see! Anyway, Aunt JoJo and PopPop will only be here through the 1st of the year and then will be headed back to Illinois.  Geemah will stay on and join us on an "ooooo ahhhhh venture" to California. 

I have plenty to do to get ready... more from me some time later.

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