Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Playing the worlds' smallest violin, I know.

So, Pops is out of town on some really important district meeting, sharing really important business tips, with some really important people (really, Bruce, Jake, Farleigh, Karen, Kevin, Chuck, Paul you ARE important, don't let my sarcasm harm your feelings of self-importance at this very important meeting!) and having a realllllllllllly important gift exchange. Yea, I hear all the tiny violins and tiny record players playing their hearts out.
But, here's the thing.  We miss Pops.  He has been gone for nearly 48 hours. That is a long long long time in the world of a little kid and an even longer time in the life of a homeschooling mom!

Did you know that Pops is the greatest dad?  He reads stories and he even sits and listens to stories about Fancy Nancy, Biscuit the Pup, and Marvin K. Mooney.  He takes turns reading with Branch...  one page for him, one page for her, one page for him, one page for her, three pages for him, one page for her, five pages for him... OOOooops!  The story is over!  Next story! Bedtime is great when Pops is around!  Stories to read, stories to make up and plenty of teases and bedtime rituals.  

I admit it.  I am a boring bedtime routine mom.  Especially when I am without Pops.  Together we make a great team.  Alone?  I am always telling the kids... "It is hard to be a great mommy without the daddy here, too."  I do try, but it feels empty with, "Where's my knees, momma?"  "Uh, they are on your legs, under the covers where I can't see them."  Yea, that wasn't too fun, huh?  See, Pops says, "Hmmmmm... Knees?  Your knees are... right HERE!" and grabs a hold of a stray foot, ankle, arm or whatever... just not the knees!  Then he catches them "completely unaware" and gives that ol' knee a big squeeze and tickle and sends those crazy girls into fits of laughter.  Oh, we miss Pops.

Mom's bedtime routine is more like this... Prayers, kisses, tuck-in, lights out, door shut.  More kisses in the other room, tuck-in, lights out, lamp on, door shut.  COLLAPSE on the COUCH. Exhaustion sets in when there isn't another adult around from 5 to 8!!

You know, I am trying to jump in and get back into the swing of things... but I think that the spring is out on a very important business trip with very important business people doing a very important Christmas gift exchange and of course some other important business of some kind.  Please! Oh, Please! Have a good time and go to bed early! I will need a 12 hour nap when you return home, Pops!!

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  1. i usually put the kids to bed around 6 when tug is gone ;)


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