Thursday, December 4, 2008

Get off the horsey and back on the TRAIN!

Well... Here's the story. I wish that my eyes were able to capture instant pictures to upload the look on Blossom's face for your viewing pleasure.

Blossom was sitting on my lap, straddling my legs - horsey style. The occasional "giddy-up" sent her into peals of laughter. It was so much fun hearing her giggle and squeal, that I took the next obvious step... I tickled her armpits!! Those delighted squeals are so cute, too! Anyway, we played this little game for several minutes before her eyes got REALLY big in a shocked kind of way and all of a sudden, my lap was warmer... then wet... and then cold. OH, ICK!!

She has been potty trained for some time now... just the occasional accident and that is only wetting herself when a bathroom isn't close! Oh, well... Here's a fun pic from well over a year ago when she was learning to use the potty at Geemah's house!

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