Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Home Education... Outside of the Box this week!

I am teaching math to kids in the kitchen this week.  Did you know that 7 year olds pick up on fractions really easily when brown sugar is involved?!? No, our curriculum isn't having 1st graders working on fractions, but... he is working on addition and subtraction.  So, let's add and subtract fractions, I say!! Wooo Hooo... Bud is doing the conversions for my baking!!  He is doubling recipes, cutting others in half that aren't favorites for ALL of us, scooping up flour and sugar and trying to figure out what I mean when I say that baking is really just chemistry!!  He keeps watching that double acting baking powder - hoping that it will make its chemical reaction right before his eyes on the counter top!

We'll be checking out that Magic School Bus video again soon ... you know, the one where the bus shrinks and is baked into a cake?  Yea, that one! OH, wait!! Well, I'll be... some lovely person uploaded that to YouTube (I love youtube, sort of, when it is nice and not nasty!) and I can entertain you with The Magic School Bus gets Ready, Set, Dough! like I occasionally entertain my children when I have something that HAS to get completed.  Learn something about kitchen chemistry people... it is fascinating!  Entertain yourself here for a bit.  I promise that I will make time to upload some pictures and thoughts from all that we have been doing and being busy with. But, that will be later. For now, I am racing the clock trying to meet shipping deadlines!!  

Part ONE

Part TWO


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