Thursday, February 4, 2010

Star Struck

Pops is in Los Angeles this week. He's apparently working hard... or is that hardly working... hmmmm.

Email/Texting for an hour or so between Pops and I Wednesday evening, Feb 3, 2010
POPS: Don Johnson and Jack Nicholson say, "Hi." Don't hate me for going to the Laker game. I have a good story to tell you later - reminded me of you and Tommie Frazier.

ELM: huh?? So r u at the laker game, now? is it on tv? i am so confused (and, do I sound like my mom, or what?!!!)

POPS: Yep. Quentin Tarantino and Christie Brinkley are right in front of me.
What else was I supposed to do tonight? ;)

ELM: Yay u for going out. Don't hate me for not knowing who THIS "Q. T." is... Care to fill me in? And Christie?? Yes we go way way back. Cover Girl and all, you know. Wish her a belated happy birthday - it was yesterday, Feb 2!! Again, is it on tv???

POPS: One of the owners of Google just walked by with popcorn. Cool.

ELM: Are you networking? We are accepting investors in our start-up business!!!!!!!

POPS: Good idea. Oh - QT is a movie director.

ELM: He might like to get to know our little drama queen.

POPS: Just saw Ben Affleck.

ELM: Oh for pete's sake. Go be friends with these people! I mean, seriously - they want some "normal" friends, too. I say that tongue in cheek-you are no normal human. You can lick your nose and THAT is not normal.

POPS: Dunno if it is on tv. Must look. I'm by Jack.

ELM: As in right next to Jack as in "You want me on that wall. You NEED me on that wall." THAT Jack? Well, hello to whichever Jack it is from your "living life vicariously through her husband from her lazy-girl chair while nursing her husband's baby and emailing him with one thumb on her iPod" wife!! Uh, Go Lakers!?!!

POPS: Yep. That one.

POPS: Who was the mom in "Home Alone" - just walked by!

ELM: Catherine O'Hara - mom, Kate McAllister

POPS: Yeah, her.

ELM: So, are you chatting or avoiding the fact that you are sitting with a celebrity at the Lakers game. Other than emailing me about it I mean!! Of all people. YOU! Not a "People" reader or anything. Harumph. Tell them all to meet me and Bump soon.

POPS: Minnie Driver is here.

ELM: From Good Will Hunting???!!! "How 'bout THESE apples?!!"

POPS: Yeah - and Ben is here too. Where's Damon?

ELM: He's in Oregon. Wanted to come visit us in Podunkville, but his gps isn't working. Too bad, 'cause I have dark chocolate - yum.


POPS: Lakers won.

ELM: This has become somewhat unbelievable. Are you just pulling my chain and laughing in your hotel room at my expense?

POPS: No. Phil Jackson is now the winningest coach in Laker history. They dropped streamers - I got a couple for the girls. I sat in MUCH cheaper seats than the courtside one that Jack has. But I AM sitting near one of the only entryways to courtside seating. Call if u want to.

ELM: What? It's over? You going clubbing with your new friends?


ELM: So, now you're gonna go laugh in your hotel room?

POPS: Waiting to pee. Line is too long as no one left the final minutes of the game (it was good).

ELM: {{{I call on the phone to talk}}}

ELM: Nice. Just tried to call and hear the commotion. No one to answer my call. Hmmmmmm.

POPS: U caught me peeing. Call back.

ELM: If only you knew. I'm sharing the life and times of an evening at my house on my blog tomorrow. Yep! Glad you share it all!!!!!

POPS: Trust me. U didn't wanna hear that kinda commotion.

ELM: Yes, just wanted to hear the hoots and hollars and high fives and such. My background noise... Dog snoring. You get to your fancy pants truck yet - do they have driving with a cell phone laws there? Use your road rage if ya have to!!!!

POPS: Post what u may - call me.

POPS: Its a big party outside the Staples Center. Cool.


  1. I didn't think you were seriously going to post my texts. Oh, well.

  2. Ha ha ha!! Hilarious! Thanks for sharing Pops' fun filled evening with us!
    Pops...serves ya right for announcing to the world that you were peeing...LOL!


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