Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Craft Basket Wednesday


Amy, over at Knit Together has been doing a "Craft Carnival" on Wednesdays and asking what other people are crafting. Well, I finally have something to add to the mix!

I made some cozies for cups that contain hot liquids! I wanted to send a quick little gift through the mail to a couple of friends who I don't see often and this was JUST the ticket. So, I worked on sewing these and made them reversible just for fun!


I then cut out some cardstock in the general shape of a cup and wrote a birthday message and a note (which I blotted out for this picture... I didn't figure you all wanted/needed to read the note! But it said something about wishing we could meet up like old times over a cup of coffee or some such thing as I miss my friends who I haven't lived nearby in over 10 years!) and slipped it inside the cozy along with a gift card for a cuppa joe at that celestial money store, if ya catch my drift! Both little cozies had the same fabric: a denim on one side and a faux leather on the other, but I opted to use different kinds of buttons for each gal - that I thought would "fit" them better.

I had fun getting back to my sewing machine for something other than a repair - and it was a quick project, too! My mom found the pattern online somewhere and mailed me a surprise copy... I can't remember where it came from, but I altered the instructions as I wasn't totally happy with the instructions.


Go visit Amy and see what she or anyone else is up to and crafting these days!


  1. Turned out great! They do make nice quick gifts. Like the stuff you added for presentation....the cardstock cup and gift card for a hot drink. Love ya, G.

  2. These are very clever. I think they were great gifts for those people you sent them to.
    Very creative

  3. SUPER cute!! I want to knit some of these for Christmas gifts next year (to go with gift cards) ...

  4. Erica,
    What a cute and fun little gift!
    Love em.


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