Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Geemah!!

I mentioned on Monday that I was working on a gift for my mom's birthday. Well, my part of that is done!! WooooHoooo!!! The only "problem" is that I really should have completed the project several weeks ago so that it could be produced and shipped in time. A calendar filled with pictures of her grand-monkeys!! (She knows, so I'm not spoiling anything, here!!) Since I make it, it doesn't have to go Jan - Dec... but instead Feb - Feb! I add in the birthdays and anniversaries that she requests and there we go!

Now, since I am behind on getting that calendar to her... I am offering her a teeny tiny present. I know that grandmas like to see those grandbabes more often than they probably get to (especially with our huge milage gap between homes!!) and babies change SOO much so fast! So, I tried out the video function on that little pocket camera (that doesn't take very good quality photos - sorry about that for yesterday.) and see what I could do...

I got some happy baby gurgles - so turn up your volume!!!

and he might be wishing that he had the luxury of a little bit of privacy on this next one!

I hope you enjoyed your peek at this growing babe!! And, Happy Happy Birthday Mom/Geemah!!!!


  1. That second video takes the cake... and digests it... and... :)

  2. Thanks for sharing!!! Loved it! Wish you could pass him through the internet so I could also give him a cuddle. Love, G.

  3. What a cutie!!!! I love your blog, it is so sweet!!!!

  4. ha ha ha!! Hilarious and precious videos...thanks for sharing!
    He is growing sooo fast already...slow down, Bump!


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