Monday, February 22, 2010

It Floats Their Boat

Let me take you back in time for a minute...

Friday, February 19, 2010

6:00AM - Pops woke Branch up and surprised her with an outing for the two of them... a day of fishing on the river with "the guide."

8:00AM - Bud and Blossom waking up and starting their day.

9:00AM - Bud and Blossom began work on school work and other activities for the morning.

12:00PM - Break for lunch.

12:34PM - Bud asks, "Where is Branch?" I replied, "She's with Pops."

It took him 4 and 1/2 hours to notice and ask where his daily companion was? She is not usually hiding out for any length of time! She is right in the thick of things doing her school work, being my shadow, helping around the house, etc.


1:30PM (yes, an hour and a half later!) - Bud asks, "Where did Pops and Branch go?" I reply, "They went fishing."

He must be in shock because he has just spent the morning being diligent and getting his school work done and not fussing that his sister was off on a "field trip" without him! Oh, if he would have noticed sooner... my day would have been very hairy!


1:35PM - "Fishing? Why are they fishing ALL DAY?" Bud asked.

1:37PM - "Are they out on a boat?" I respond this time... "Yes, they are out on the same boat that you went on last year."


1:50PM - "When are they coming home?" I just chuckled at him and told him to finish up his work!


They had a great time. They stayed out most of the day. Branch was the only one to snag a fish... it was wild, so they had to release it. Shucks - I'd been thinking fresh grilled fillet all day!


It was "slimy" so she didn't want to touch it! She reeled this bad boy in all by herself. She worked on it for several minutes and was very pleased with herself! Our "little" Branch did a spectacular job of casting her own pole, reeling it in, and in general doing all that needed to be done while out fishing on the river. What a little fisherwoman we have!

It was an early morning, the sun was very warm as the afternoon went along, both of them got a bit of sunburn on their faces BUT Branch thoroughly enjoyed and took in her day out with Pops!



  1. Way to go, Miss Branch! And Bud, well, like you said it was a good thing he didn't ask earlier. So good day for all. Love, G.

  2. your blog is so cute :) come and follow me please


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