Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bowls of Super Stuff!!!

The Saints are playing against some team with a guy who has a brother on another team. (I'll figure out who the other team is once we start it - I just can't recall.) It would have been fun to have some people over for the big game, but being out of town over the first part of the weekend didn't lend itself to a shindig at our house. Mid-afternoon seemed too early to watch the Superbowl, so DVR is our friend and while we waited for a later kick-off time, we prepared some YUMMY YUMMY things to eat!!
OH - the COLTS! Yea, the Manning brothers. That's it! So, the Saints will play the Colts and - who to root for, who to root for?!?! I guess I don't really care. I will root for "a good game" and GREAT commercials!!

Earlier this afternoon I made some sweets, too!
  • Caramel Chex
  • Grandma Winkie's Buttery Toffee Cookies
I'm thinking that this is our best football "spread" ever! I think we could have added brats, but this time it was best without the big sausages... we'll save those for breakfast next fall!!

Sayonara Football... see ya in the fall! Watch out... here comes March madness... it is only a month away!

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  1. LOL, yup, HUNGRY.
    We didn't watch the game. Didn't real care for either team enough. I suppose we rooted for the saints, since after all, as Catholics we should always back up the communion of saints.


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