Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Hallow's Eve Party

We joined a Catholic Home School Group in a "big city" relatively near our home last spring and have made a few new friends (you could "meet" them here and here).  This group tries to do some kind of an activity once a month or so.  Well, wouldn't ya know that October's fun is a party at a church hall where all the kids dressed up as a Saint or Bible Character.  I didn't suggest the idea of going to the party to the family right away, because the kids had decided on costumes for trick or treating already and had been talking about our downtown festivities all year long!  I mentioned  the party casually late last week to Pops and he suggested that we go!  
SO - I began searching for ideas to have the kids wear a costume that would work for Saintly/Bible costumes! It wasn't long before I remembered that I had a pattern for nativity costumes. I searched online for some sculptures/pictures/stained glass/etc that depicted various saints and tried to find Saints who could fit the pattern AND fabric I had! I began my sewing project last night in a big rush!  So, here are the costumes ... and some of the fun!
While the following is a quite small photo... it shows how many kids there were at the party!  The kids had fun playing and seeing that there is a large group of potential playmates!!
Bud decided he would like to be a King Saint and we found that St. Edward the Confessor was a very charitable King from England who gave a ring to a beggar. So, he dug up the large bling bling ring that he gave to Branch last year for Christmas and used it as part of his costume! The costume turned out well with a tunic with wide sleeves, a belt with a bead trim, a cape/royal robe with a fur edge around the neck and a sparkly gold crown with plenty of rhinestones!  If the fabrics from his costume look familiar to you... think: our home in Tennessee!
Branch chose to be Mary so that she could carry Baby Jesus along with her!  I was so surprised to find the blue fabric for her tunic in a bin of fabric that had many scraps from my mother! She must have bought the fabric when I was Branch's age!!!  For some reason I had yards and yards of the white, so the belt, shawl and head scarf were easily added!  Her Saintly Halo was cardboard with the edges wrapped in electrical tape and then I spray painted the whole thing with metallic gold spray paint.  Here she is, doing a halo toss game!
Blossom is an "angel."  We just had her use her lovely little dress-up dress that she got for Christmas last year from Grandma and I added a pair of fairy wings that I covered in aluminum foil and put out for the gold spray paint, too!  Her halo is some rope that I cut into three pieces and braided together and gave the spray paint treatment, too.  Here, she is learning the fine art of using a sling shot to slay Goliath with Pops.
It seems that staying up tooo late provided great costumes!!

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  1. I am so glad that you and your family came down for the party!! Your kids costumes were awesome!!!!! See you soon! :)


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