Thursday, November 13, 2008

What are YOU smiling about??

We were out and about the other day, and we saw a woman downtown who we see every now and then and she said to me, "You always have such a smile on your face.  A big smile.  It is so nice.  You always seem so happy!"

I replied, "We can all find an awful lot to be happy about, I think!"  

And isn't that just the truth? Our life is what WE make it!  I choose to see great things in my life.  Now, don't think I have turned all sappy sweet or something - I see the booger pickin' and I hear the arguing about whose turn it is to clean up the games.  I see it and hear it, I promise, I do!  I just choose to think most often about all the wonderful things because in my view of the world... we all need to step up and see the good stuff first.

My Great Stuff to smile about:
1 amazing and loving husband
3 cheerful and lively children
1 child to remember tenderly
a great space to call our home
plenty of hugs every day
far away family and friends who we think about often
my mom (who offers to hold the camera every now and then!) 

Smiles and laughter this summer in a hotel pool

So, really... what are YOU smiling about??  Jump in the leaves and tell me!


  1. Hey, I did take a good pic!!! And yes, you have a lovely smile. Hmmmmm.....I'm smiling because I have made homemade chocolate chip cookies! And only some of you know how incredible that is!

  2. I am smiling about this post! What a great reminder for us all to look for the good things, and smile! :)

    And I agree too. You DO have a great smile!

  3. Thanks for this post. I've been feeling really down lately, even though I know it's ridiculous because of all I have to be so very very thankful for and happy about! I think it'll cheer me up to make a list like you did. :)

    And I agree - you have a gorgeous smile! And it's infectious - the best kind.


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