Monday, November 24, 2008

The Green-Eyed Monster

Well, I should have known.  Someone is jealous and wants a nightgown that matches her up with a baby doll.  I'll get right on that my dear, Blossom!  
Don't let that cute look fool you...  "Monster" IS a very good description of this little kid when things aren't going well for her at home.  She can turn from joyful into a fit of anger in half of a second and I often send her to cool down in her room.  Sometimes she has worked herself into such a lather that she passes out on her bed.  I usually send someone else into her room to wake the sleeping monster from her nap!  I know that they are faster.  I try to help her wake slowly into a happy state.  I should learn from her siblings!!  Tip-toe in, wake her, RUN OUT FAST!!!  But, I don't learn and we tend to skip naps more and more often these days...

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  1. put her down for her nap earlier then let her wake up on her own. counting down to wednesday!!


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