Thursday, November 13, 2008

Do you believe...

We are only about a month and a half away from Christmas?  The season of Advent will soon begin! 

Last year, I looked into buying a toy nativity set around Christmas. I found out that I was a wee bit late in my purchase attempt. Back Order, Back Order, Back Order!

So, here we are 2008 and I have been considering purchasing a toy nativity set for my children this year. I wanted something fun, not terribly expensive and not lots of little tiny pieces.
I am a member of a homeschool yahoo group and was sent an email about a GREAT give-a-way from another homeschool family! I went on over to see what the set looked like, and was pleased to see that it met all my "requirements"... and if I am lucky, that whole "not terribly expensive" requirement... well, it wouldn't matter the cost if I won... even though it is reasonably priced!! Yippee!  And if I don't win?  Well... I have found a set that I can purchase before BACK ORDER - BACK ORDER - BACK ORDER begins again!

Click HERE and Go have a look for yourself! Give-A-Ways are soooo fun!

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