Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Have No Fear...

Spidey's Here!!
I did a bit of sewing...  I helped a friend learn to use her sewing machine last week and worked on all those costumes this past weekend.  So, I was itching to start another project!  

This little turkey needed some new pajamas.  There is something rather endearing about seeing your kids running around in their pajamas that are just a weeeee bit on the high water side; but, this was getting ridiculous!  I am talking over six inches too short for the flannel spidey pants dug out from last year.  

Now, those crazy flannel spidey pants were just about the right size otherwise.  Just SHORT!  So, what's a mother to do?  Learn to sew some pants since the pants at the store that are long enough for a tall kid become long on the bottom and short on the top when they fall off, ya know?  (Thank goodness for that wonderful adjustable waist stuff at Gymboree!)  I bought some really inexpensive fabric.  (Thanks Joann Fabrics for your annual Columbus Day sale - where you can get clearanced fabric 50% off!!)  That means that I got this fabric for around $2/yard.  If you don't do much sewing... a yard of licensed character fabric can cost around $6 or more.  

Sorry, back to the point... I am thrilled because this is my first pair of pants completed.  I attempted to make a pair of scrubs for Pops waaaaaaaaaaaay back when we were first married.  I had great intentions.  I bought this great fabric for the top that had a scene with deer running through the woods.  For the scrub pants, I bought a coordinating brown mottled fabric.  I set out with my pattern and cut the pants out and started sewing.  I had the insides sewn of the legs and then read the next instruction for the pattern.  I re-read the instructions.  I pinned it together the way I understood the instructions.  It did not appear that this would turn out to be a pair of pants but instead a pair of chaps.  Somehow my young married self did not think that sending my new husband to his clinics in scrub chaps would be pleasing...  NOW, I would have just done it and dared him!!  :)  Anyway, I set them aside and never finished the pants.

I was a weeeeeeeee bit nervous starting out with these pajamas... what if I made my 7 year old some chaps for bedtime?  I suppose I could have told him that it was cool.  Seven year olds still believe everything that their moms tell them.  (Did you know that I can see through walls?  I CAN, too!  Ask Bud!)  I figured that if these pants did turn out to be chaps, it was only a couple dollars and confirmation that patterns are impossible to read for making pants.

Looks like it isn't impossible and perhaps, I taught myself reading comprehension in the past 8 or 9 years!

Bud thinks that the style of the pajamas makes him look karate-ish.  I think it is just good to have pajamas that are the right size!
Well, I dug through the scrap bin... and here is the deer fabric and chap pants.  It appears as though I really did give up on these pants, as I seem to have cut some big chunks off the end of the pants to make some other project!  Lots of deer fabric left - maybe I'll make something out of that!


  1. argh, your stupid comment thing keeps messing up on me. this is like the 5th comment i have tried to do and it just wont...screws up on the word verification thingy.

    cute pants!


  2. Good Job! Turned him into an action hero!


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