Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No, Not Ever, Never!

Quite a while back... around 7 or 8 years ago, I told my Mother-In-Law that, No, Not Ever, NEVER would we buy a minivan.  We were happy being a 2 Chevy truck driving family!  Pops drove an old diesel and I an extended cab newer model.  Bud's carseat fit slick in the back. The swing open doors on the backseat made for simplicity in buckling him in!  So, no.  There were no plans or thoughts of ever becoming a soccer mom with a minivan.  If we outgrew the truck, a suburban mom would drive a Suburban, right?

Uh, it was about a year or so after I made my statement that we bought ourselves a rip-roarin' red (al beit "sport") minivan.  Oh, the horror!  I KNOW.  

So, Pops' new wheels have arrived.  He had been driving a Ford Freestyle a small SUV type vehicle. Now?  He'll be toolin' around in a shiny new silver minivan.  So, make that 2, count 'em - one, TWO, minivans in my garage.  

I soooo want need a truck. 

Oh, and NEVER say no, not ever or never!!

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  1. tug used to drive a 4 door brand spankin new ford diesel...welcome to the world of duo minivans!


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