Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Write in... on your Prayer Ballot

Today while you are praying for all things election related...  Would you please write-in an additional prayer request??  Please pray for my sister, as she is scheduled to have surgery today.  

She is having a fibroid (15 cm diameter) removed from her abdomen this morning. And while she is not worried - I say any and all added prayers from the prayer warriors today would surely not hurt! Please pray for the doctors who will be operating, for the anesthetist sedating her, the nurses and other assistants, for favorable results from the pathology labs and for a very speedy recovery.  Oh, yea... and pray for our mom, too, as she is being a devoted and loving mother who is doing all the worrying for everyone. Please pray that she will be filled with the grace and peace of our Lord.

Update 11-04-08:  Surgery went fine.  She was in recovery the last time I talked to my mom.  The fibroid was a bit more complicated to remove than was planned, but she is all stitched up and should be on the mend.  Please pray for a speedy recovery as it could be some time before she is feeling better.  Thanks for all of the prayers and good thoughts!

Update 11-07-08:  Well, she was sent "home" from the hospital, this morning.  She is staying at our folks' home while she recuperates.  Mom has signed up for nursing... that should be interesting!!!  My sister will have quite some time of recovery and is on a leave of absence from work for around 6 weeks.  I am hoping and praying that she is up and at 'em sooner than that...

Update 11-10-98:  Talked to my sister today!!  Her silly get-well package from us arrived today... chock full of drawings and hand-made cards from the kids (including the one from Bud that requested seeing the Xray of the "thingamajiggy" in her belly that had to be taken out!!  Aren't kids GREAT!?!!).  She is sleeping so much better since leaving the hospital - funny thing about peace and quiet and sleeping through the night that will have your spirits up!  She is watching tv, reading and doing word puzzles - as usual!  She gets up and walks around often, but is resting and recouping nicely.  She is scheduled for a re-check some time in the coming weeks.  We don't anticipate any further problems!!! Thanks for keeping her in your prayers.


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