Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is EVERYONE this busy???

I got up and started BAKING!  I baked all morning.

We went to town for bowling with a local homeschool group.

We got home and packed our suitcases.

Pops wasn't finished with some paperwork, so we had some supper.

We are headed to a big city tonight, as it is en route to our Thanksgiving Day destination!  We will hang out in the big city while Pops finishes up some important visits.

Then, we will be on our way to Lakeview, WA (may as well be Seattle or Tacoma!!)  Woooo Hoooo!! Lots of fun to go see some friends!!

It is a busy time!  Are you busy?  What are you doing to get ready for Thanksgiving?!?!


  1. I am totally jealous! Have a wonderful trip and a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Oh, and so far I have done a whole bunch of nothing to get ready for thanksgiving... Hopefully I can start tomorrow, um, night?!

  3. YEAH, we are counting down the hours
    drive fast

  4. I am sooo jealous the Moravec clan is spending Thanksgiving with you, Regina! Although I am really glad Erica has met some wonderful friends since her journey to the NW, I miss her dearly! Have fun! I am busy making my vegetarian dressing, pumpkin bars and bread and am going to try a new sweet potato dish for tomorrow. Wish I could try that pumpkin cheesecake that you all will be enjoying tomorrow!


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