Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Still "here"

Yes, I am still here. It goes like this.  I took a surprise week off!  I didn't plan on it. But, it looks like a week since my last post.

The middle of last week was spent preparing to leave. Then, I left with Jessica and Marci to go stay with Regina and attend a homeschool conference.  We had plenty of fun having some girl time without kid responsibilities!!! Now, we are working on putting our family back to a two parent machine... always takes some time when Pops is gone for a few days, too. So, things will be back in full swing soon!

In the mean time, we will be doing baseball, fun stuff for our break from school and some spring cleaning around here! Pops got started on the garage and it is looking great... there is a light at the end of some tunnels!!


  1. Conference was great! I'm glad you were there. I'm sure you saw R's cool pic on the blog. (I'm so glad it's too small to see me clearly.)

    I just love the pink pajamas below. Why can I never find those in my size.
    Blessings (and thanks again for driving), Kim

  2. Great to have dinner with you! I'm glad you're back and in business. ;)

  3. It was great to meet you at the conference! Looking forward to next year!



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