Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fun with POPS!

Yep. More "fun" to see on the camera. 

I am all about having the kids dress themselves on days at home. I help them choose things when we go out and about. I try to help them see how and what matches or coordinates other things. I thought we were making some progress. 

Now, I hope that Branch dressed all the kids before they left the house.


Or, at least that they didn't go anywhere THIS day! The kicker for me... when I found this picture, Blossom said to me, "Look how cute I look in my clothes, Mama!" 

Uhhmmm, YEA! Too cute! Some day we will be able to coordinate a shirt, skirt, tights and shoes... someday.


  1. I think she did a better job than my girls would have ;) She looks cute in WHATEVER she wears!

  2. Blossom looks cute no matter what she is wearing! Love you. G.

  3. Love it! We have the same philosophy on self-dressing although I did let the kids wear their (new at the time) swimming goggles to the grocery store a few weeks ago. ;)


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