Friday, May 29, 2009

10 years of wedded bliss... or something like that

Today is Pops and my 10th Wedding Anniversary! So, I would like to share ten things that I love about Pops, our marriage, or maybe just things I like a whole lot!
  1. Pops loves me even in that first hour after I wake up in the morning. It isn't a fun time, I know. It takes TIME for me to go from asleep to awake. Don't expect that I will be cheerful while getting there. But, he loves me anyway - with ALL of my weird little quirks. In fact, I am anticipating a "Roses are Red, Violets aren't Blue" poem highlighting all of my year's quirks... 
  2. Pops is adventurous. He encourages me and my homebody self to get out of the house with the fam to go do fun (and sometimes new) things.
  3. Pops is uber-organized and a wee bit anal, but that means he pushes me to get organized and at least stay that way for several days at a time!
  4. Pops is a hard-worker and an amazing provider for our family.
  5. Pops is a master griller. I love me a steak and he knows how to grill it. Not quite medium-rare, not quite medium. Just, perfect.
  6. Pops is a great dad to our treekids and we complement each other on what he does well and what I do well.
  7. Pops  can back a car down the driveway with only one finger, an eye patch on, the sun glaring into the other good eye and a neck brace on. Who needs to turn and look behind you? That vehicle has three mirrors for pete's sake. It sure helps when you are stuck somewhere. Good job, "Mater"!
  8. Pops helps with the mundane chores of running a house and can keep laundry moving like no one's business.
  9. Pops keeps the truly important things in life in front of the things that the rest of the world says are important. His perspective on life is remarkable.
  10. Pops is my partner in life and my best friend.
I love you, Pops! Happy 10th Anniversary! Now, hurry up with your hard-working stuff, today!

We have the kids all scheduled to go and stay the night with some friends. They are excited to go have a fun sleep over and we are off to ... I don't know. Pops won't tell. So, I can't tell, either. But, we are off for 24 hours or so of alone time!


  1. all the cool kids are having 10 year anniversaries this year! congrats to you guys. have tons of fun!

  2. Congratulations you two! You both are very special. Love, G.

  3. Regina's wrong. All the cool kids are having 8 year anniversaries this year. ;)

    Congratulations, though!

    I love these two posts. It's refreshing to "hear" someone praising their spouse in a time when women seem to be so busy finding ways to cut men down.

    Thanks for sharing such positive things about Pops! :)


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